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There is Talent in Heart

Published: 18 Jan 2005 - 07:14 by theguru

Updated: 07 Jul 2019 - 10:39

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When providing prognostications on Squash via the website, one is always reminded of the duty in providing an entertaining yet perceptive look at what is more than just a game for some.

I have been told by frends and colleagues that my musings are well written and entertaining. But they are probably humourng me. The lack of feedback and hearty congratulations or even rabid disagreement and/or contempt displayed in the replies, suggest that most readers don't think they are even worth a response!

But if you think this lack of recognition will have any bearing on my continued attempts at enlightenment, entertainment and encouragement for all those who play Squash are wrong! (Of course, it is at the pleasure of my sponsors, Rita and Raymond that I continue.) Naturally, if someone has something constructive to say about my chatter, I will take the necessary steps to improve the area in which I have been deemed inadequate, and continue my attempts using methods of continuous improvement.

Now I hear you ask, "What has this got to do with Squash?"

When I first started to play the game of Squash, I had no talent or ability to speak of. Or so I thought. Then, I did not meditate for hours on a mountain court, visualising every movement, every aspect of tactics and technique, not to mention the psychology of the game. All this whilst holding the Squash racket, feeling every tie of the strings, fold of the grip and change in profile where some other marketing acronyn has been played out by the frame maker. eg, WTF (Wide Frame Technology) PBT (Power Bulge Technology) etc etc.

Instead, I would scamper and fling myself around the court not unlike a domestic fowl just after being decapitated and just prior to being plucked. I would pester those at the club at which I played, for a practice game, never quite realising what a nuisance I was or how generous those who said "Yes", were. I was manic

It was not until about four years later, that one of the leading players at the club, who had been one of my "victims" years earlier told me something revealing. He would have liked to have told me at the time when I was a beginner, to take up another sport. Squash was NOT the game for me. I was not adept at the skills of the game and saw no way in which I would ever be. Fortunately, he did not have the heart to tell me. If he did it probably would have made no difference anyway.

It is interesting to note that he had the courage to tell me this immediately after I had thrashed him in an important club match. I did have a talent after all - it was heart and persistence. No one practised more than me. I had coaching to improve my game. I tried to iron out my weaknesses - evaluating, improving, trying again.

It is my observation that many Squash players have this talent. If you are one, put it to use.

Many years later, I apparently have the talent, but none of the other qualities that make top line professionals. I could mention youth, fitness, agility - but I won't.

If you have some of these qualities, do not throw away a lifetime of achievement and enjoyment with a lack of heart and persistence. Whilst I never quite made it as a player, and may well not as a writer, it has been a fantastic ride, sharing a court with some of the greats and living to embellish the tales.

Not all of those greats had enourmous amounts of talent, but they all had huge hearts. You too could have a talent like the greats.squash game squash extras How to add images to Members' Forum posts and replies here...


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From theguru - 11 Apr 2005 - 13:20

Dear steveywonder

If, in the unlikely event you are the famous soul artiste, i have to admit to having a number of your albums and am a true fan. Also, how do you find playing Squash unsighted?

In any case, your further question raises one of my favourite topics. I was about to publish another article on a different topic, but your reply has inspired me to write on this one and hold the completed article over for a month or so. I will publish it after one or two sleeps.

Watch out for it!

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From steveywonder369 - 11 Apr 2005 - 01:42

Guru I believe anyone who steps onto a squash court in any comptetative match has a big heart! The great thing about squash is it measures that power without hesitatation.

The downside is a great number of squash players take their negatives onto court with them. (Including me by the way) How can we leave these negatives behind and just go and play and be free for 40 minutes?

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From rippa rit - 18 Jan 2005 - 17:12

The Guru,
Congrats you have Big Heart. Looks like squashgame should add the topic "Big Heart" under the heading "Physical Abilities", Yeah?

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