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Johnathon Power "Above The Tin"

Published: 11 Jun 2008 - 17:39 by willkat123

Updated: 15 Jun 2008 - 06:54

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I was woundering if someone could post up J ohnathon Power's  "Above The Tin".

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From drop-shot - 15 Jun 2008 - 06:54   -   Updated: 15 Jun 2008 - 06:54

Hi guys,

In my opinion there is nothing like "overpriced" Squash DVD if we speak about the ones from "champions" and well-regarded masters of sport. JP belongs to the hall of fame for sure. That's the fact. So, you pay to hi as he'd be your personal coach. How much will you take out from it, it's up to you. He did his job pefectly.

Secondly, the logistic/production cost of the Double DVD may be compared to one of the "Friends" or "Desperate Housewifes" episodes (including lights, cameras, script, production, post-production, etc) but the community of squash is not so huge (number of people who may be interested in getting it), so they (JP Sports) have to increase the selling price. I am pretty sure they did not earn too much though.

Thirdly, if you write them a message, they may deal with you differently. I have paid for JP Above The Tin and the previous DVD and I was given discount.

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From mike - 11 Jun 2008 - 21:14

Posting it up won't happen, but if you post up $90 CAD to the JP site they will post out the DVD

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From rippa rit - 11 Jun 2008 - 20:45   -   Updated: 11 Jun 2008 - 20:48

Well, I guess if the whole squash community supported the DVD's produced they would be cheaper to buy.  It takes a  lot of time and planning, plus a lot of technology to produce professional quality videos.  If sponsorship is found that would help the production costs, but who is going to chase up all of that in the first place; more cost versus the return on sales.

I have just been listening to a debate about the free downloading and copying of music on the internet and listened to the arguments put forward by the musicians and singers. There is a big push to stop free downloading of music unless the artists get paid.  Paid by who is the question. Time is money.


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From Adz - 11 Jun 2008 - 17:59


Publicly broadcast sqaush matches found online or on youtube haven't been subject to copyright laws (to my knowledge), but "Above The Tin" certainly has.

People cannot just post illegal material on public forums.

I'm sure we're both in agreement (and many others will be too) that Squash DVD's are way overpriced compared to other sports, and that doesn't do much to inspire people to purchase them, but it doesn't excuse them from breaking copyright either.


If there's something specific that you're looking for in ways of squash footage then please ask and we can do our best to help out, but general requests of "squash movies" or illegal material is a little harder to be of assistance with.






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