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Lob Serve showing the trajectory of the ball

Lob Serve showing the trajectory of the ball

Published: 31 Oct 2008 - 16:09 by rippa rit

Updated: 20 Apr 2009 - 07:46

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High and slow play can be very frustrating, especially if the opponent's serve is accurate and tight against the wall/corner.   Move forward in the Service Box to take the ball on the Volley, especially on the serve, and when you get a chance "crack" the ball hard, as this soft play makes for a "dead" game. What's a dead game?

  • Ball gets cold
  • The mind goes into "sleep" mode.
  • The feet seem to get stuck to the floor.
  • The swing gets out of rhythm.
  • The rallies become shorter
  • Then before you know it your game has slowed down as well


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Thanks a million, rippa rit! I'm going to the club now, actually

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