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Back the front Drive?

Published: 09 Dec 2008 - 07:21 by rippa rit

Updated: 23 Apr 2009 - 21:31

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Rippa Rita`s championship squash tip

Some say a backwall boast, but I cannot agree with that term.  Anyway, the ultimate would be for the return to land on the front wall near the corner and die like a drop shot.  How do you practice to perfect this shot?

    •  Approach the back wall as though you were going to hit a lob from the front of the court. Elevation is important.
    •  Swing upwards, say, aim halfway up the back wall.
    •  Take the swing in an upwards motion with the follow through going towards the opposite shoulder(across the body), approximately in line with the front wall target.

If you get it right it will just hit the front wall and drop angling into the front wall nick.

Just keep experimenting until you get the idea. It is imperative the shot hit the front wall close to the corner.

The hardest part of playing this shot during a game is having the racket swing ready for this "back-to-front" hit.  It sure makes your opponent cross when they are waiting to really hammer this weak return, and it dribbles off the floor for a winner!

Note: This is a return for players who have no other option; it is not a good idea to attempt this shot if it is possible to return the ball in the conventional way.

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hey guys thanks so much for these replies, they really are helping me.............

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