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New Black Knight ION racquets

Published: 01 Dec 2009 - 14:51 by Demo

Updated: 04 Nov 2017 - 19:59

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So for the past week, my club has been selling some new Black Knight ION racquets.

As you already know, there is David Palmer's ION storm, and the electric blue ION drive.

To these two they add:


This racquet is electric red, with the same shape as the Dunlop Max. Has the same feel as the ION Storm, a bit lighter and less head heavy.


130g, 135g dynamic weight

rf-92 stiffness



Did not get a chance to demo this racquet. Here are the stats


145g, 135g dynamic weight

rf-94 in stiffness


I also got a chance to demo the Black Knight Mercury, which is the green racquet in the pictures.

Has the same type of shaft and plays quite the same as the Prince O3 Black.


I took some pics with my cellphone after demo'ing the racquets


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From MelanieBrusk - 04 Nov 2017 - 19:59

 I think Dunlop has the best rackets on the market . I can't compare it with Black Ion because I have never chance to try it but If I am happy with my racket , why should I change it . My other favourite brand for tennis racket is Wilson . I have used it's rackets for along time and they are great . 

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From Demo - 07 Jan 2010 - 14:09

Hey, sorry for the late reply.

The ion series is stiffer than any of the Dunlop 4Ds, or Aerogels, if you've played with those before.

Each of them have different weight characteristics, but the Storm, Drive and Cannon are the same stiffness.

Gold = Ion Storm: 135g unstrung, head heavy, rf-92 stiffness

Blue = Ion Drive: 140g unstrung, head light, rf-92 stiffness

Red = Ion Cannon: 130g unstrung, head heavy, rf-92 stiffness

Black = Ion Doublediamond: 145g unstrung, head light, rf-94 stiffness

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From rskting - 01 Jan 2010 - 01:22

How stiff is the Ion and Storm? Also are they the same except for weight? Is the blue as stiff as the gold?

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From racquetchic - 15 Dec 2009 - 22:21

these rackets are available in the US...I just got the Ion Drive at, they string to my specs for free before shipping!  Anyhoo, love the power from it and the feel.  Of course, this is with tecnifibre on the lower end of tension.  Played with buddies Ion Storm, also from the same supplier which was strung with Ashaway Powernick 18 (the red stuff) that felt great as well, maybe a bit light for my game.  G'luck.

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From ferris69 - 02 Dec 2009 - 22:30

where are these available? In Canada only at the moment i assume? They are not even on the Black Knight website. Thanks for the info, very useful and the Cannon looks great.

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From Demo - 02 Dec 2009 - 05:14

I like the feel of the ION Cannon. It's closer in weight to the Dunlop PRO GT I'm currently using, so not a big change there. It's hard to really compare with the other IONs because I didn't demo them all at once. From my distant impressions of the ION Storm, the ION Cannon gives the same power as the ION Storm despite the lack in weight, due to the longer strings. It basically feels like a lighter version of the ION Storm, but with the longer strings to compensate in terms of power. I liked the Storm, I just found the gold colour offputting.

I used to have an ION Drive, but was too heavy for me. (Adz was using it last year and liked the frame, but found it hard to find the right string).

I did not get to demo the ION double diamond. But I did hit with the Mercury. Feels a whole lot like the Prince O3 Black I listed above. The shaft design is almost the same. Good swing momentum, more power than the IONs. Doesn't feel like it's 125g. I didn't like the Prince O3 or the Mercury due to the amount of power in the shot. I wasn't used to it so I often overhit. When you hit the sweetspot, it feels nice and solid.


If it's wasn't for my recent purchase of two Dunlop PRO GTs, I might've bought an ION Cannon.

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From sloejp - 01 Dec 2009 - 16:25

ok, so what did you think of the rackets? like? don't like?

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