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Humidity and your playing conditions

Published: 03 Mar 2010 - 20:10 by rippa rit

Updated: 03 Mar 2010 - 20:10

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Rippa Rita`s championship squash tip

It has rained and rained here for what feels like 2 weeks solidly; nothing will get dry, everything feels damp, the days are dull, the sunshine is missing, the nights are cosy.  What about the brick walls and floor at the squash courts?  Sometimes it is a good thing for bad weather to come and remind us of how much we need to learn how to adapt our game.  Nothing is more frustrating when the boasts skid off the side wall, the front wall is sort of wet, floor seems dead, the ball cools off quicker. By taking the boast out of ones armoury means the only short shot left is a dropshot, and that would be enough to wreck a game plan.

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Thanks a lot!!!I will have a lot of rest from now on. Your help is really a huge inspiration. Thanks.

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