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I'll Give You The Tip

Published: 06 Mar 2010 - 12:03 by raystrach

Updated: 06 Mar 2010 - 13:09

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I thought I better get off my big fat greek wedding and post another blog, even if it is to introduce just another Squashgame features - our video squash tip.

The first tip comes from the world wide headquarters of - my kitchen. I didn't worry that i am in the middle of renovating it. It all goes to show that no matter where you are or what you are doing, there is always time to be thinking about Squash.

View the tip here.

I have been a little reluctant to appear on video to a world wide squash audience, especially since i have an excellent face for radio, or the blogosphere for that matter.

However if Paris Hilton can shamelessly self promote, why can't I? At least my effort will be a little less demure than the most popular of Paris Hilton's. And probably a lot less popular.

Mind you, judging by the passion a lot of people show for their squash, it may get some people just as excited as the Paris videos, Then again, maybe not.

It is all part of our push for worldwide Squash domination - to be number one in the ISP rankings.

At least we think we know what we are talking about. And we are prepared to take others on in robust discussion, where necessary, to learn and educate and, most of all, to generate enthusiasm for the game fo Squash.

The one thing that I fear is that I will get picked up by a hollywood movie mogul to star in their latest blockbuster. Possibly to star opposite some of the leading ladies of the day such as Jennifer Anniston, Angelina Jolie, Ann Hathaway and others.

Titles that have been suggested so far include Return of the Beast(Just when you thought it could not get any scarier, the beast returns even more frightening than before...) or Nuclear Swamp (A man on a fishing trip falls into a contaminated swamp, only to return to paralyse the city of New York with fear...)

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