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Train your head!

Published: 11 Oct 2010 - 15:36 by rippa rit

Updated: 11 Oct 2010 - 15:36

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Rippa Rita`s championship squash tip

I read the tip again about "Play good shots" and I could not help think how important it is to also train your head which will also improve your strokes. At training I was observing this guy practising his strokes and he was doing well, especially since he had recently changed to his opposite hand following a shoulder injury.  In practice he watched the ball, concentrated on his technique, and hit some really good shots.  Then his training partner said "let's have a game". Well, that was when the rot set into his head and his strokes, consistency, ability to enjoy the game, etc totally disappeared to the point where he was just "painful".  What went wrong?  This guys attitude towards his play changed and his whole physical and mental features that produced good play disappeared.  His self-talk was destructive, his shots were missing badly. Training is as much about training to repeat the whole state of being.  Always applaud silently good aspecgts of your shot, even if it did not win the point. It is ok to give the opponent credit for a shot that you could not return well.  Never waste your time putting yourself down with poor feedback, eg useless c..., dickhead, etc.

The "head" is a powerful tool and can destroy your play in the same way as having a strained muscle, broken racket, etc.

Finally, the sooner a player takes charge the better, as it is very hard to teach an "old dog" new tricks. Keep working on your psych.


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