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Published: 28 May 2011 - 02:20 by KevJang

Updated: 05 Nov 2011 - 05:45

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Has anyone tried the eye x.Lite racket? I cant seem to find any info on it at all and i'm thinking about getting one.

Thanks for answers and please forgive my english.

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From gbatterh - 05 Nov 2011 - 05:44   -   Updated: 05 Nov 2011 - 05:45 is now carrying the Eye Rackets brand.

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From Daan - 24 Sep 2011 - 23:33

Check out here you can find a lot of information about the brand and you can buy all equipment as well:)


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From CoCo - 12 Jun 2011 - 06:32   -   Updated: 12 Jun 2011 - 06:36

I have been playing with an EYE x.lite 125 for about 6 months now (I own 4).  I switched from the old black and white Dunlop Hot Melt Pro because they were getting harder and harder to find. I was training with someone who was repping EYE and he let me demo an x.lite 125 and an x.lie 120. I felt that the x.lite 125 was a good substitute shape and weight wise for the Hot Melt; the x.120 was too light for me and I do not like tear drop frames. Dunlop lost me when I purchased what they were touting as a replacement for the Hot Melt and found that I was having trouble generating the same power that I had been with the Hot Melt. (I play at a legitimate B level in NYC and did not feel that this was an issue that I should be having with a racket at this point in my development).

From the first time I hit with the x.125 I was hooked.  The x.lite is a great racket and I cannot recommend it highly enough if you can find one; I now like it better than I ever liked the Hot Melt.  It is a no frills racket in the best possible sense, meaning that it has been stripped down to the barest essentials.  All of the extraneous crap that comes on other squash rackets is gone (in my opinion, there is no need for a bumper guard or thick paint on a racket that is likely going to only last for two years at the most, even with the guard). The x.lite is balanced very nicely, has very good power and is quite responsive.  I have had no problems with any of the four I own. I string them with Ashaway Super Nick XL at about 27lbs and the touch that results is fantastic. The only concern I do have is that the company (which is Norwegian) does not seem to be establishing a real US presence and I have not been able to find a place to buy them (the man I bought them from does not have any more), so I am worried that when the rackets I do have need replacing I will not be able to do so, and will be looking around for another substitute. (This is the one thing that I hate about squash: every time I find something I like, e.g., Hi-Tec's Venom shoes, the company stops making them and a new search starts often with expensive misses like the Dunlop rackets described above).

And, drop shot, I am not a spammer and do not work for Eye rackets.  It is shortsighted on your part to think that because a company is new it is not worthwhile and that someone who is curious about the company is somehow suspect. It is plainly ignorant to think that because bigger companies spend more money advertising and sponsoring players (and do not think for a second that touring pros do not play with any racket besides the one from the company that is giving them the best deal) that they are the only manufacturers who make good product. 

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From drop-shot - 04 Jun 2011 - 05:55   -   Updated: 04 Jun 2011 - 05:55

 Arthur, "marketing" is one thing, but from the other hand, top brands have money and know how – that's for sure. In this light brand like "Eye" looks like a comet – here today and tomorrow nowhere. Mind you, PSA top players (the ones that we're referring to the most) can play ANY racket. Changing from Head to Prince, from Prince to Dunlop, etc. etc. This is just a matter of marketing. 

Point for Kev to consider is — why bother yourself to use the brand no-one else is using and no-one is distributing in your country. And please do remember one thing – racket may not be the main factor helping you in your game. Look closer for the stringing and grip. 


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From aprice1985 - 03 Jun 2011 - 19:18

Not everyone wants to play with the standard brands!  I have used Oliver in the past and they make good racquets, the best I have every played with was a Black Knight but normally I use Prince.  The only reason the ones that are most used are most used is because of their marketing.  The point of forums is to spread knowledge and opinions and it would be sad world if we all just did the same cause that is what everyone else does.  If you have some spare cash sometimes it is fun to try a different or unusual make.  I hada  look at the eye website a while ago and their racquets superficially look ok but there were no dealers in the UK at the time so I went with the Black Knight, which until recently was a niche brand in Canada I think it was, then they got David Palmer on board and are out there a bit more and like a said, best I have ever played with, should have bought 2!  If you do buy one, post a review somewhere (which I still haven't done for BlackKnight) so others know, you may get lucky, you may not

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From drop-shot - 02 Jun 2011 - 03:52   -   Updated: 02 Jun 2011 - 03:52

 Kev, why do you need one? You can't find any info on it and you are trying to get one? So you are a spammer or you work for EYE racketts then. In all earnest, there is NO other reason for your querry. And one more thing: I was watching EICC 2011 last week. The most popular brands are: Dunlop, Prince, Head, Tecnifibre. Any other brands, including Oliver and Karakal are very rare. Eye rackets werer used ONLY by few Norwegian players.

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From blackwellm - 01 Jun 2011 - 23:16

 I assume they're Norwegian ( Interesting comments about paint and bumpers strips.


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From rippa rit - 28 May 2011 - 09:02

Hi and welcome to the forum.  I do not know where you are from and where this racket is manufactured and sold.  However, iIf you do not know anyone who plays with this racket and cannot get a hit with one I would be reluctant to purchase it just in case you buy a "lemon".  Also I would check out the specifications and compare to other reputable rackets.  The cost must be ok for you to be considering it?

Rackets do need to be durable as they get a fair amount of abuse against the walls.

Good luck.

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