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Ghost in the court

Published: 12 May 2005 - 19:42 by drop-shot

Updated: 24 Jun 2005 - 18:11

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So, thanks to Rita's suggestions, Student Slavi went to the squash lesson with the printout from and gave it to my "not-virtual" coach. He said 'Well, fantastic progress, Slavi, let's do it". So first 20 minutes we spent on warm-up (hitting loose crosscourts from backhand and forehand, volley from the middle line) still with the ball. Then te excercize has started. Stand on the T, be ready to start and use three steps (following the arc line, not the straight line) to "hit" backhand straight. Be sure that you hit the ball having balanced body, swinging correctly and then come back to the T using three steps. Then be ready to start the same pattern, but hitting the forehand straight. And I tell you, I stopped stupid laughing, as it is not "funny"at all to see how much work you need to become decent player. The same patter goes to the back corners. So, all in all, we spent 45 minutes doing these "ghost dance". And I have to be honest, I felt it in my muscles. And I did sweat like in a real game. We decideed to follow the ghosting practice two-three times per week. Once more, Thenks toRita and Ray. I promise to do more of the ghosting using the "rallies" recomended from you.

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From rippa rit - 24 Jun 2005 - 18:11

Slavi - It all sounds good. I would love to see all of our members on video that is for sure. I would also like to see a before (the member joined squashgame) and after video also. Unfortunately as we are trying to catch up to our schedule we have not got to our member service of reviewing a video, but it will come, but exactly how and when Ray does not know just yet. We are just chipping away at it but we are steady so will get there, and you will have improved even more by that time.

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From drop-shot - 17 Jun 2005 - 01:05

Rita, how dare you ask me such a BASIC question, ha ha ha.
While "Ghost hit" I do swing properly, I am well balanced on legs, one leg is closer to "T", the second is closer to the side/ front wall, I NEVER bring the feet together. That's why one leg is closer to "T" to let me come back easy. I use 3-4 steps to get back to the basic position at "T". Once I will tape it and post it to you if you do not mind.

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From rippa rit - 16 Jun 2005 - 06:33

Sounds Ok Slavi - Just one question. There is always one more thing, ha!. When you are ghosting, and step in to the hitting position, swing, are you then bringing your footwork back towards the centre of the court (never bringing your feet together), and not taking a further step forward after swinging? One day (don't hold your breath) we will get a visual of this stuff.

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From drop-shot - 15 Jun 2005 - 18:54

Rita& Co.,
You did not slow me down, I just became more focused on the basic things. You may call it "humility" and I am fine with that. I thought 1 year of trainings is enough, I was wrong. Of course it is enough to impress my office-mates, but it's not enough for thr Club Championships. So I do ghosting every day after warm up and stretching. And BELIEVE ME, it helps a lot. I do save a lot of energy, running less. And it pays back on the BIG matches while the other gut is running like a cock with captivated head :-)
About the boast - I understand what you say, it works. The way I do it on the training is: 1st I hit Straight Volley (overhit), I go back to T, then I do 3 steps back, wait for the ball, slice the ball, and when I hit the right place on the side wall, it's a winner.
Thanks for help and everything ...
PS. After the ghosting my muscle will look like I am Schwartzenegger :)

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From rippa rit - 13 Jun 2005 - 22:12

Good Slavi - I am pleased it is working - I did not mean to slow you down that much though - in fact I thought you had stopped in your tracks completely! Just a word about the boast; try contacting the ball opposite your back foot, aim onto the side wall opposite your front foot, to a spot on the side wall, not much higher than the "tin"..try it, and does the ball then hit the nick? It should go close, you bet. By the way, that is for a boast from any part of the court - start practising for the nick from mid-court and work back monitoring the angle, and trying for the nick every can be done.

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From drop-shot - 13 Jun 2005 - 18:29

Dearest Rita and The Others,
First of all, I am sorry for being a bit quiet recently. Though I was working hard on my Ghost Dancing. Well, It is not that easy that it seems when you watch the pro doing that, but I am doing my best. And honestly speaking, the progress is visible in the game. I use less energy to get the ball from the corner and I run less. So, i can really occupy the T zone and thatnks to that I am a better and smarter player...
Boast - hummm ... now it is a piece of cake if I follow the rule of squaring myself with the corner, "looking" at the corner and hitting the ball on the side wall in three quarters (above the serving box)... so, progress is the onlyu way, Rita

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From rippa rit - 13 Jun 2005 - 07:00

Slavi - I have been waiting anxiously to hear about the "play by yourself" ghosting match - did you win? Is it boring? Is the movement transferring through to your games? Are the court movements becoming more fluent? Is the back wall boast now more friendly during play? Did you have trouble following the instructions from our posts? Don't be discouraged. 'ave a good day.

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From drop-shot - 12 May 2005 - 21:28

Rita, be sure that if you are the fly on the wall, you are safe till the moment you hold the ball in your mouth. Then i hit.
Coming back to my ghostdancing. I'll do it step by step. Before writing the poems i need to know the alphabet and basic words. You know what I mean. So, doing the "ghost rally" would look really impressive and proffesional, but without knowing the basics it will be ridiculous waste of time. And now I really now that we are not talking about my footwork, but racket swing, torso positioning as well... so, let's do it.

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From rippa rit - 12 May 2005 - 20:03

Slavi good to see you started at what some might refer to as "shadow play" or, you said it, "ghost dance". It is good to take the movements in small bits and then combine them into a full routine. Do whatever works best, and some shots will take longer than others to get the "feel"...remember it is not just for footwork, but also for fluent economical racket movement as must feel like a tradesman learning a new craft?
I want to be the "fly" on the wall again!! Good luck.

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