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How to correct forehand swing?

Published: 19 Mar 2015 - 03:30 by T4riq

Updated: 19 Mar 2015 - 07:20

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I am enquiring whether any one could help correct my forehand swing, the issue i am having is that i am swinging while raising my elbow above the wrist as a pose to raising my arm/wrist and then swinging with a clean swoop if that makes sense? however i am really struggling to correct the swing? Any help would be appreciated?

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From rippa rit - 19 Mar 2015 - 07:20

Rather than me repeat heaps of stuff that is already on squashgame, just put in a search "forehand swing" or "forehand squash swing" and you will get several links to squash game articles.

After reading these articles and also looking through the Squash Library (see tab above) let us know how you went, and then we can probably give you some more clues.

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