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queries re 'interference'

Published: 14 Aug 2015 - 21:16 by AlexMC

Updated: 19 Aug 2015 - 22:16

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Hi everyone... I've just started to play squash again after 20 years out of the game. 

I have a couple of questions about 'Interference' (rule 12).

1  moving to the T immediately after serving:

If a serve bounces off the side wall toward the half court line and the returning player is forced to play the ball from this area, are they awarded a stroke if the serving player has moved directly to the T and is therefore cutting off access to ~50% of the front wall?  The returner has the option of playing a drive down the wall but is denied the option of a cross-court shot, which seems a little unfair (the receiving player has NOT allowed the ball to strike the back wall and 'turned' to take it on the other side).

2 providing a fair view of the ball:

Player 1 makes a loose return from the back right corner, the ball ending up at the disposal of player 2 who is waiting on the T.  This player plays a short return to the front left corner and remains perfectly still on the T following the swing.  Player 1 complains that he lost sight of the ball as he is 'trapped' behind player 2 who has been on the T the whole time.

Is player 1 awarded a let as they genuinely couldn't see the return throughout its trajectory?  It is difficult in this situation for player 2 to get out of the way as they have their back to player 1 and cannot easily determine their line of sight.


Any help appreciated!

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From raystrach - 19 Aug 2015 - 22:16

hi alexmc

q1 - decision on return of serve

the answer to this question is unequivoval.the non striker must allow the striker to hit anywhere on the entire front wall, not just 50%. decision: stroke.

q2. - fair view

fair view is decided on whether or not the non stirker has time to see the ball coming off the front wall. in this case, the non striker would normally have time to position themselves so that they could see the ball return from the front wall.

if the striker was on the T, i really don't think the non striker is "trapped" unless there happened to be a cage on court and they happened to wander into it and lock the door.

it is unlikely that a referee would award a let on the basis of your scenario. decision: no  let.

it is possible that if the non-striker made a genuine attempt to get to the ball, and would have done so except for interference caused by the one on the T, that a let may be awarded in some circumstances



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