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Waiting for opponent to get ready

Published: 25 Feb 2019 - 05:59 by Richard101

Updated: 25 Feb 2019 - 05:59

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Hi everybody!

First of all, I am new here and I wanted to say that this website seems to have a great community!

I got a question about if a strategy I used last week against a friend is allowed. My strategy was as following: every time I scored my second point in a row, I ran as fast a possible to the correct box and there I served as quick as possible. My friend thought that this strategy was not allowed because he thought I had to wait for him to get ready. I asked some other guys I know, and they all told me that I indeed must wait for my opponent to get ready. Those games we play are just for fun, so I don’t really mind waiting for him get ready, but I was wondering what the official rules say about this. Studying the rules, I found the following:

1. Squash is a continuous game.

2. The receiver can stand everywhere they want as long as they don’t hinder anyone.

So, I think this strategy is allowed but I was wondering what you guys think about this.

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Nicely summarised tip, thanks! I think I'll note that into my squash folder!

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