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Strings question

Published: 06 Nov 2005 - 04:07 by vitty

Updated: 19 Sep 2008 - 18:00

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What´s your favourite brand and tension ? I play with TF 305 Green on 11/10 kg.Someone told me that Ashaway strings are good too (I guess David Palmer plays with red PowerNick).Does anybody know strings tension pros have ? I guess about 14/13 or so (because they´ve mastered the swing,so they needn´t so much power as I need).
Yes,and durability - I play about four times a week,and I must replace strings 3 times a year.Hi,Vitty

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From drop-shot - 08 Nov 2005 - 22:12

In a funny way we transformed the discussion from the prosaic strings and we end up with the footwork and movement.

Well, only hint to you, Vitty from another amateur player would be to practice/master so-called ghosting. I assume you are familiar with that practice so I'm not writing how to do that ;)
(you can find the topic Ghost in the court Published 12 May 2005 by me)
And follow that excercize with your mental approach ("easy", "easy", "easy", "wait", do not rush"), staying 1 or 1,5 racket from the ball when you hit. In my case, it took 5 months of serious ghosting/ footwork trainings and my game is one level up than before. And I run much less now on the court. And I think I am less surprised with the shot selection from the opponent...

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From vitty - 08 Nov 2005 - 21:35

Hurray,my post about boasts is here :-) It´s down here,7th Nov,08:28.
Yesterday I thought about my biggest weakness - bad movement.Well,not "bad" literally,but not in the right way it should be.For example - I play defensive boast from the back corner,opponent go to the front,and hit strong low crosscourt.I am too close to him,expecting dropshot, but I have to turn, and I´m chasing the ball,not just going to the right place to return.If I´m watching pros,it´s so easy - just two/three steps ! I´m sure that one of the hints is not to stay too close to the opponent,but closer to the T.(I know it,but I´m sure I´ll find myself in that bad position on the court today anyway :)

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From drop-shot - 08 Nov 2005 - 19:40

Well, we have some server issues as my message just does not show up here and it goes even worse – my previous message: "Oh, I forgot to add, I do string my racket with 10/9 kgs. It is Ashaway PowerNIck® 18, (red)." went out from Vitty :-)

And let me then answer the questions money-related:
I do not TALK about money in general. Needles to say, I do not count the money spent on squash as this is huge investment to be paid back in nature.
And Vitty, my wife enjoys watching squash when I play :-) as for her this is too tireing sport.

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From rippa rit - 08 Nov 2005 - 19:36

First of all, the message from vitty - 07 Nov 2005 - 06:02 was sent from me:
Oh, I forgot to add, I do string my racket with 10/9 kgs. It is Ashaway PowerNIck® 18, (red).

and now I do answer to last posts:

Oh, c'mon, squash as game is not the question of money. I am NOT talking money issue at all, so the topic's over. Needles to say, I do not really count the money spent n squash as i treat it as the good investment :)

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From aprice1985 - 08 Nov 2005 - 03:22

Yeah that sounds good but as a medical student they don't give me enough time off by the time I do all of my "personal study". Unfortuantly my uni squash club is terrible and like Vitty says it is an expensive sport, you would use up my food budget a wekk, playing squash. You are a lucky guy!

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From vitty - 08 Nov 2005 - 02:27

I´m back,but where is my post ? It happens to me sometimes,I get log out without any reason.But Ray always helps,I´m sure the post will appear soon.It´s about boasts.

Slavi,people say squash isn´t expensive sport,but I think you´re exception ! I don´t know prices in Hungary,but here in Czech Republic is court for about 7 EUR in the morning,and 12 EUR in the evening + grips + coach + strings + broken Liquidmetal :-)...does your wife love squash too ? :-))

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From drop-shot - 08 Nov 2005 - 01:45

Answer to Aprice1985:
Everyday I am at courts from 7 AM till 9.15. This session starts with warm up, court sprints, stretching, ghosting, solo drills, then it's 60- 70 minutes of the "lesson" with my coach including the technique/ tactic/ footwork/ etc.
Friday afternoon (5PM-8PM) i spend with the team mates. I think it's not that hard to imagine that all in all it's more than 9 hours :) to not mention two hours in fitness centre.

And mind you – I still do the regular job. It's just the matter of priorities and organizational skills.

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From aprice1985 - 08 Nov 2005 - 01:32

Can I just ask how the heck you manage to play for 9 hours a week plus do drills and coaching? I manage about 4 hours play and nothing else and have limited time!

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From vitty - 08 Nov 2005 - 00:28

Hmm,I think that boast isn´t so poor shot.Sometimes in the back corners is a must,obviously.If you practise,boast can be an attacking shot from behind,yes.But sometimes I use boast from the middle,as a surprise,to get opponent out of rhythm when expecting a lenght.Volley-boast is better.Also when you´re deceiving,volley boast instead of drop shot,it makes opponent run,run...But I have to say : boast ONLY if it´s inevitable,or as a surprise.If there´s many boasts,not speaking of "reverse-angles",this is not game of squash,but CHAOS.I´m sure you´ll agree.
(We have some "sunday players" in my club too,they play with red dot ball,and bang,bang,boast,boast,scary excessive swings..I never realized squash can be so dangerous at this level.As I said,chaos)
Speaking of attacking boasts from the back corners - I HATE THIS SHOT IF I AM THE PLAYER ON THE T !!! I play good lenght,I think the opponent is getting under pressure,boast,anticipation,one,two steps,preparing for decent dropshot or kill drive,and guess what ?! Bloody nick and you look like an idiot :-) Opponent up,you´re down (and out).
Last thing about boast - volley-boast into front corner as a response to weak service.But must be really good,otherwise it´s an easy kill for your opponent.

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From drop-shot - 07 Nov 2005 - 23:34

Well, good question about his serve. He serves pretty good, soft and high lob service, but I do practice this part of the game for 20 minutes every day, so I mastered my return.

speaking of the boast - I meant the boast from the back court corners. I do not really like to boast, Rita can confirm it, but i started to master this shot in March/ April 2005. Now it is pretty decent attacking shot in my arsenal. Though, I am trying to not boast. Straight line drive hit with volley seems to be more effective and surprising shot for the opponent.
Back wall lob shot does not really exist in my portfolio. I mean I can do it and it comes back to the front wall, but it's like giving the point to your opponent. he's got plenty of time and options to choose :)

Grips - yes, PU Supergrip from Karakal do the job. I do replace once per 10 days. Though I use Black Knight occasionally and Pointfore as well.

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From vitty - 07 Nov 2005 - 23:07

It sounds great (your B/H return) ! But your club champion must have poor F/H service,if you could attack it so easily ? In which way he does serve ?

About boasts - do you mean "backwall" boasts, or "near-the-backwall" boasts ? Sometimes I have to play backwall boast,but it never ends in the nick.This can be practised somehow ? (If I must play a b/w boast,I´m happy of keeping the ball in the rally,I can´t imagine aiming for the nick as a "bonus" :-))

9 hours of squash / week also mean a lot of grips,doesn´t it ? I like Karakal PU SuperGrip.

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From drop-shot - 07 Nov 2005 - 22:23

Yes, indeed, it is TF strings. Few fellas at the club are using Tecnifibre, so I am familiar with this colour. Actually, three top Hungarian players are using Tecnifibre strings. The 4-7 players are contracted to Ashaway.

Regarding your question of my level - well, you have to know I started my squash adventure 18 months ago, playing before as absolute ignorant (I call them "sunday players"). After 18 months under surveilance of two squash coaches (top 10 of national Ranking), reading, watching, joining forums like this I would place myself inbetween C and B level... i.e. yesterday on the tournament I played with the club champion, really unbeattable guy. I won a lot of points with my backhand serve return (dying in the nick all the time), but I think it was really good day for my backhand c-court :)
After the game (he won) he did compliment my crosscourts and boasts from the backwall that died in the nick few times.

I know my weaknesses - I am being too chaotic and nervous on court, but I am working hard on the mental part of the game now.

9 hours on court per week do not mean 9 hours with coach/ team-mate.
I do a lot of solo practice with ghosting, drives and volles and I really do like it, you know, you can really focus yourself on the ball and the lenght of the court, set yourself the target (like i.e 20 consecutive drives), and 45 minutes passes easily.

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From vitty - 07 Nov 2005 - 22:02

Oh, I forgot to add, I do string my racket with 10/9 kgs. It is Ashaway PowerNIck® 18, (red).

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From vitty - 07 Nov 2005 - 21:16

Hi Slavi(c?),
take a look at this -
Seems like JP plays with TF Green,I think this "neon green" colour is patented by TF.
BTW,9 hours of squash per week,great,your progress must be so fast...
Where do you stand ? :-)
(I know there is more to consider in reality,but just for fun)
I think I´m "CC",sometimes "B",when I have "my day" (9 of 10 dropshots is perfect,I´m patient and really focused - I don´t go for silly risky shots,etc.)
I know I have to work on my footwork,it ain´t perfect.
"Trenink czyni mistrza", right ? (I hope it´s right :-))
Take care,Vitty

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From drop-shot - 07 Nov 2005 - 20:25

According to my knowledge, PSA Top 10 players are using: Tecnifibre (Lincou), E-squash (Anthony Ricketts, Lee Beachill, James Willstrop, Nick Matthew), Ashaway (Palmer, Nicol, White).

Me personally enjoy and endorse Ashaway strings (Power Nick) strung on my nCode Wilson nTour. Because I like delicate and touch game, I do string it a bit loosen than the other players. The racket's weight allows me to hit hard if I want, but the strings tension is perfect for the front court drop-shots or lifting a lob.

I sometimes use e-squas strings in e-squas racket and this is a real killer weapon, so if you have the chance, check them out at

regarding durabilty - I am on the court 9 hours per week...

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