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Published: 05 Jan 2006 - 22:27 by raystrach

Updated: 07 Jan 2006 - 01:08

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Dear Diary...

It is a big decision to put part of your life in the public arena, but some people would do anything to achieve their goals. Now, whether that is the goal of making SquashGame the world's number 1 Squash Website or Achieving my Squash goals, I am not too sure, but if i can inspire just one other person to achieve something, it will have been worth it.

each day I will detail what I have done that day in the way of
  1. Improving my fitness or
  2. Improving my level of Squash or
  3. Any other Squash related activity.
Not being a particularly gifted athlete, my big strengths are
  • The ability to evaluate and learn
  • Persistence and an ability to work hard
  • A good attitude
Being armed with little more than the above, I have gone from not being able to hit a ball at the ae of eighteen, to being able to compete, if not always beat, quite good players. 

Given that I am very proud of my all too modest playing achievements, it does give you an inkling of my attitude.

Most days, you will be witness to a pretty dry description of my activities and inner Squash thoughts. At other times i might be a little more expansive depending on time/mood. We will see how the format develops. Feel free to provide feedback, but I may not always reply -again depending on time and mood.

This diary will only be open to members, so if you are reading this, thank you for taking the time to join our little website. Now down to business...

Thursday Jan 5 2006

Morning Walk 3 - 4 klms
Went for my morning walk with the wife and dog. I like the walk because it loosens up my back, which is often stiff, and my sore left knee which I am trying to strengthen

Swim 400mts
Because I have been plagued by injury in recent years, I can only increase my workload ever so gradually. Because i have not swum regularly for a number of years, I must ease into it. My eventual aim is to be able to swim  1000 mts in one go.
  • 3 x 50m freestyle, 50m breaststroke
  • 1 x 100m freestyle
Massaged and flexed my left  knee in between sets. Only have about 95% flexion with almost no strength in it when at its flex limit.

Minor exercises
  • Did a couple of sets of back stretches
  • One set of core stretch
  • One set knee strengthening exercise
Did not think much about my Squash goals todaysquash game squash extras How to add images to Members' Forum posts and replies here... PSA Squash TV - North American Open 2012


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From raystrach - 07 Jan 2006 - 01:08

you bet slavi. but don't get too excited. there are going to be some pretty ordinary days. Also, I might miss a day here and there.

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From drop-shot - 06 Jan 2006 - 19:42

Wow for that idea! So, it's foing to be daily diary? Every morning I can read it enjoyoing my morning coffee??? Grrrrreeeeeat :-D

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