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What a Difference a Day Makes

Published: 12 Jan 2006 - 00:17 by raystrach

Updated: 12 Jan 2006 - 00:20

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24 hours ago I struggled to find a handle on the ball, tonite it was my opponent who was initially doing the struggling. A player, who, 6 months ago was giving me Squash lessons whenever we played, looked like he was playing just like I was playing the previous night.

The difference was the last night I was playing a weaker opponent, tonite he was playing someone who had turned the tables in recent times.

I was hitting the ball quite cleanly in the first two and a half games and moving well. But by the third game the extreme heat and humidity was getting to both of us.
  • I was leading about 5 - 0 but was starting to tire, he was trying to make the score respectable
  • I started to go too short too often
  • I started to lack aggression on the volley
  • before you know it it was negative and could not do anything right and he was on top!


The battle continued in the fourth although I had a slight advantage most of the way
  • he was noticeable tired (I thought I was travelling a little better) as the game progressed so I told myself to MAKE HIM WORK
  • what did I do for the next three rallies? HIT IT SHORT


I finally gained some composure after he made a mini comeback, got it deeper more consistently then, when I hit short, IT WORKED!

Morning Walk
Again the left knee was sore on waking, but I think it was just fluid, the walk worked out the fluid and it felt fine. need to more of my special knee strengthening exercises(as it turns out I didn't today)

I felt like it was too easy at first, but halfway thru my third 100, i knew it was not. I have got to moderate this else I will be injured yet again. there will be an extra 100 mts freestyle next week so that should keep me challenged

Evening walk
Again, a good light stretch before playing. it is good for my squash

My Game
Forgot to say before that at the end of the third game I started not to watch my opponent carefully enough. I repeated my affirmations about ten times in between games and came out in the fourth watching the ball and the player again. does that mean it worked?squash game squash extras How to add images to Members' Forum posts and replies here... PSA Squash TV - North American Open 2012


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