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Psychological Trouble Shooting

During play only worry about the things you have control over:

  • How you think,
  • How you behave,
  • What you do
  • The shots you play
  • Focus on the Task At Hand

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Mind Games

Our mind is a powerful tool in sport.  Try some of these ideas to help settle you down.

Problem Task Correction
Felt out of breath in the first game.

Felt nervous.

My movement had no rhythm.
Breath deeply.

Relax the muscles
  • Take slow deep breaths in between points.
  • Walk slowly into the Service box and pause before hitting the ball.
The Referee decisions kept playing on my mind. Focus on the task, eg length, game plan.

Block the referee out of your mind.
  • Concentrate on the process, the things you can control, eg  the  strokes and movement,  getting to the T, tight length, etc.
I was so frustrated I could scream when my opponent got my drop shots back. Concentrate on the game and the basics of the 10 fundamentals Ask yourself:
  • Are the drops being played at the right time.
  • Is my game repetitive and lacking variety.

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