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Lost the plot

This is a very apt title to an article. True.

Literally some times a match goes on for so long, the players get so hot, so exhausted, so frustrated, play erratically and inconsistently, up and down like a yo yo and cannot settle down, get agitated with the slightest thing, eg dicy referee call, and bingo out comes a mouthful of stuff, often referred to as verbal diarrhoea, or brain explosion..

That is bad enough in itself, causing a scene, acting in a non professional manner, reliving the incident during a postmortem, and making the necessary amends.  Not a good look.


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Arrest the explosion

Get to know yourself, and arrest disaster before it arrests you.  When?

  • Feel angry
  • Feel rattled
  • Feel beaten
  • Feel a failure
  • Want to throw the racket at the Ref

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Take control

Quit the caper as soon as it is realised an explosion is immenient.

Settle down by:

  • Slow deep breath
  • Pause before serving
  • Slow the heart rate
  • Back to a basic game plan, eg ten fundamentals, to give a focus.
  • Don't try to bash your way out of it, by hitting the cover off the ball unless it is controlled and meaningful play.
  • Chase every ball.
  • Be oblivious of anything else except what you are doing.

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