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Published: 24 Aug 2006 - 21:26 by raystrach

Updated: 06 Sep 2006 - 23:02

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How is this for the psyche of winning? I was watching a match last night between two competent players, each of them good competitors. They have had some very good matches over the past few months, although Shane, who played in my team last year appears to be getting the upper hand. Steve, who is my team this season has an ordinary technique but a very good Squash brain.

1st Game
The players go point for point with Shane usually edging ahead but steve catching up. Down 6-4, Steve gets the serve and starts catching up again. Gets to 5-6 then has a small opportunity to get to 6-6 but misses the shot, one of the few unforced errors to that point.

He knows he has missed an opportunity. his concentration seems affected and this is confirmed when he makes two more unforced errors in the next 4 hits. He fights hard a 8-5 down, gets the serve back a couple of times but shane is playing too consistantly. Game 9-5.

2nd Game
Shane gains confidence by winning that game and is playing with a lot of confidence and purpose. Steve is still playing well  but manages to lose just about every long rally. the 8-2 score line is not indicative of the closeness of the game. Then in about one minute there is a complete reversal. Shane, who had barely missed a shot the entire match, goes walkabout and starts missing everything. In about two hands he finds himself down 9-8. Steve has a golden opportunity to take the game, but instead of playing a tough shot to length (as he has been doing since making his comeback), goes for a tricky boast and misses by a mile.

Although he gets the hand back a couple of times, shane has reverted to playing really tough. his concentration has returned and now steve has to earn his points. Shane regains the ascendancy and wins the game.

Shane wins the third game as Steve is now stuffed, but the interesting thing was how the players each reacted to different situations.

In the 1st game it was really tough until there was a break in steve's concentration.

while the second was tough, shane was really stamping his authority on the game yet still almost managed to lose it. it is not unusual to make a big comeback and then, when given the chance to finish it off, there is a stumble.

these are typical scenarios so it is possible to prepare for such scenarios.  read our metal skills sectionsquash game squash extras How to add images to Members' Forum posts and replies here...


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From drop-shot - 06 Sep 2006 - 23:02

Yesterday's World Open match between Gaultier and Shabana shows that man can play (against ) the entire audience (few thousand Egyptians) ... Guess, how Greg fell when he won.

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From raystrach - 30 Aug 2006 - 21:36

by the way viper, are you suggesting that we are playing the ref??

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From raystrach - 28 Aug 2006 - 16:15

it all highlights the value of mental skills. we need mental strategies for:
  • when we are just hanging in there - we can't afford to let our guard down against a tough opponent
  • when we are winning easily (scorewise)
  • when we make a big comeback, only to falter
i might expand in the next blog

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From rippa rit - 26 Aug 2006 - 07:51

Yep,  and they are all fickle

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From Viper - 25 Aug 2006 - 22:20

On court we play 3 opponents.........................

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Rippa, Many thanks for your reply its full of great info

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