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Open Racket Face

Why is there so much emphasis on having an open racket face?

  • To be able to get the racket face under the ball to lift it up above the tin.
  • To prevent so many unforced errors.
  • To get the power in the drive by pronation/supination of the forearm.
  • To backspin the ball to make it sit down and control the speed.


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Open Face Shots

The lob

  • To get under the ball
  • To lift the ball high in the front wall.

The boast

To get under the ball when it has dropped very low.

To get height on the side wall to enable the ball going up on the front wall above the tin.

The drop shot

  • To get under the ball and lift it above the "tin".
  • To backspin the ball to get it to sit down when it hits the floor/side wall nick.

The drive

  • To get sufficient pronation/supination to create power in the drive.

The volley boast

  • To get sufficient angle down the side wall to carry the boast to the front wall.

The volley

  • To control the speed of the ball.
  • To impart backspin which helps get the ball to sit down when it lands near the nick or corners of the court.


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