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A Guide to Understanding Squash Ethics

What can observing squash protocol, do for you?
  • Brings credit upon you as a person and as a player - no matter what your playing standard.
  • You will always be able to find a playing partner, willing to give up their time to match their wits and skills against yours.
  • Ensures a fun, safe game, free of aggravation and resentment.

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Protocol for Social Players

Smile and be polite to your opponent
  • Before starting a game, have a "hit up" with your playing partner for a few minutes.
  • Don't hog the strike when hitting up, eg generally alternate hitting during hit up.
  • Change sides after a couple of minutes
  •  Wear a shirt whilst playing.
  • Play fair
    • Call your double bounces
    • Clear the ball quickly after playing your shot.
    • Agree on strokes and lets.
  • Play a let if in doubt. Don't "turn" on the ball if at all possible.
    • If you have to turn, stop the rally and play a "let". Strokes are not permitted after turning.
    •  When you turn, you actually place yourself at a tactical disadvantage.
    •  If an opponent repeatedly turns, adjust your tactics to suit.
    • Read more on Turning and other Practical Rules
  • Wear sweat absorbent gear (eg wristband, bandana/headband, absorbent shorts) to help prevent sweat spilling onto the floor.
  •  Wear non marking footwear.
  • Play Safely
  • Leave on court disagreements on the court after the game finishes.

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Protocol for Competition Squash Players

  • Introduce yourself to your opponent and officials.
  • Shake hands with your opponent.
  •  Wear a shirt to prevent odour and sweat dripping on the court. Pass the ball politely to your opponent.
  •  Fair play
    • Call “let please” to avoid "dangerous play".
    •  Admit to double bounces.
    • The Referee’s decision is final.
    • Do not argue on court- concentrate on the game.
View World Squash Singles Rules.

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