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If I was a horse!

Published: 05 Apr 2006 - 22:22 by rippa rit

Updated: 07 May 2006 - 12:41

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After being away cleaning up a rental property and moaning about my feet getting sore, my back getting stiff, etc after climbing up ladders, cutting shrubs, etc. for 9 hrs a day, if I was a horse they would shoot me.   Yeah, and I am past going to stud
Just a word of warning -  never give up but keep soldiering on as there are so many bumps along the way when trying to keep active and fit. 
So, here we go again talking about feet, and yes they do have to carry you no matter what you are doing.
So to control my weight and build up some fitness I started walking 40/50 min each morning, and still trying to do the usual other exercise 4/5 days a week - so then my foot got a bit sore, particularly at night, and I imagined it felt like shin splints (though I have never experienced that pain).
So you be dammed if you do, and you be dammed if you don't is the saying.  It is a fine line.
So now the podiatrist is saying "your calves are very tight and you need to stretch them" and proceeds to demonstrate things I know too well, but do not always practice what I preach either.
So the prognosis is "stress fracture in the top of the foot (above the arch) from overuse".  What do I do about it?  Ice often, stretch the calves, slight built up in the orthodics, wear the orthodics as much as possible, and no sloppy footwear.  Luckily winter is coming on as I do not want to look like Matron.
Another contributing factor to the stress on this foot, is the result of trying to favour, since I have a lack of leg power, and acceleration  in the other leg, due to having had a laminectomy last year.
Very frustrating to say the least.
I hope this little experience will help you deal with your little set-backs.squash game squash extras How to add images to Members' Forum posts and replies here...


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From rippa rit - 07 May 2006 - 12:41

Pugs - none of that makes sense about the stretching.  If you are stretching passively and no jerking that is
Also take the joints through the full range of movement will help too.  Just do a bit of pretend playing by lunging and swinging before going on the court.
Without warming up and stretching you will surely lose the first game anyway for sure....sorry to be a pain in the butt

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From pug505man - 07 May 2006 - 00:49

Shoulder is fine now.

I tore my leg calf muscle on sunday last n then (I know i know) stupidly played 3 comp matches this week (couldnt rustle up a replacement). Of course I only aggravated the injury.
So now I have to miss a week or two n Im already going nuts. Tossing a double yellow against the lounge room wall... thunk slap thunk slap... volleying a minisquash nerfball againt the dining room wall. Going nuts.

Codeine is good though...mmmm floating floaaating.

Lesson learnt though... I am NEVER stretching b4 a game ever again. Every time I stretch I hurt something during the course of the match. Never been injured not stretching. From now on I only stretch post game. Saves tightening up later. I expect to get a roast over that but it has been my experience that whenever I stretch I get injured. Simple as that. And it is generally NOT when I'm hyperextended lunging for a tight one up the front - it is generally a shot I cover easily that does the damage (as per this case).
Irritating really irritating.

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From rippa rit - 30 Apr 2006 - 07:40   -   Updated: 30 Apr 2006 - 07:41

Pug - the longer you aggravate the injury the longer it will take to get better.
Ice and stretch and movements within the limits of pain are the usual recommendations from the Physio.
I still do a series of stretching  exercises with light weights to increase the range of movement in the shoulder joint and it has worked.  The Physio will give you some very specific exercises maybe using  stretch tubing.  If it is a rotator cuff problem resist any exercise that has a forward rotating movement, eg cricket bowling action.
I recommend you take this injury more seriously, visit 6 Physios if need be to get the right treatment,  as repeated trauma causes oesteoarthritis in the long term.

Just a clue, as we get older we spend more money on our own maintenance than on the motor vehicle we drive...true.

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From pug505man - 30 Apr 2006 - 02:59

I have an overuse injury in my left shoulder from playing to damned much squash AND gymming every day. But I say damn the pain n play on heh.
Hard to know where to draw the line isnt it.

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