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Looking for a "stiff" racquet :))

Published: 11 Dec 2009 - 06:52 by mcorobana

Updated: 16 Dec 2009 - 07:30

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My name is Mihai and I am a squash player (can I get my coin now??? :))

OK, so here it is - I've been playing for a few years now, about 8-9 with some lapses due to "geographical" movements... but anyway.

I like a stiff racquet, meaning I would like something that has the least vibration after the hit. I started with  Head I110, and I loved it, but soon I had to replace it because of the perennial problems with the Head racquets (they break too easily). Then, I decided that I want to get something with more power and I graduated to Head iX160, and let me tell you: I fell in love.

I went through 4 of them since 04-05 and last year I "resolved" the last one. Since then, I've been looking for a replacement: either the same one (and NOT the iX160G) or another racquet entirely.
I am playing now with the Head MicroGel 145, but I find it lacking. I tried a bit the Head CT135, but nothing special.

Now fellow players, please give me your thoughts on the matter. I am open to migrate to a new brand if necessary.

I was told that Wilson NRage might do the trick, but come on, pour some of your experiences and give me your suggestions.


Sorry for the very long winded post :))

Mihai (as in me - high :))))

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From rippa rit - 16 Dec 2009 - 07:30

Umm!  Rackets break and that is a fact of life for squash players I suppose especially until you can get some fine skills around the walls and corners....DO NOT go for winners from the side walls and corners, wait for the ball to come out, and do not close your eyes and swing as that is when the damage will be done.   Effective shots can be done off the walls using an open face racket aiming higher on the front wall to get better length.  We have all done $100 shots from time to time!! Also, it is a hard call to say "good shot" and just fluff the ball to save the $100 or so.

Problem is, cheap racket maybe not so great feel, and use it for practising the wall shots. Bring out the new racket when you think you have got it!!  Silly idea, but worth a thought.


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From mcorobana - 16 Dec 2009 - 01:21

Well, thanks everybody for all the answers.

I went throught the Gear Archives first, but as you can see in my post, I did have some specific parameters, something that wasn't addressed by the posts there. So I am sorry if I cluttered the forum with another topic.

Thanks raquetchic - I tried a couple of  Wilsons (a Sledge Hammer 130TI and a K Factor 145), but frankly, nothing special, not a clear improvement over my Microgel 145.

I did try the Vector and I liked it. I felt that is there with my old iX 160, but the price was a bit... much for what I had in mind, especially since I know that Head is not a very durable racquet and I would've got at least 2 racquets.

I have to say, I tried a Prince racquet and a Black Knight one, but I found both lacking. Please, don't burn me to the stake - the black knight was a Ion something very expensive and it did to me what a massage would do to a wooden leg.  It just didn't fit me. So, it was a personal feeling. I was told that I should give both Prince and BK a second chance, but I just didn't have to...

Ok - so I did try the Metallix series. For some weird reason (so please, smack me repeatedly over the head) I always associated Liquid Metal (which I found to be a very rubbish racquet) with Metallix. Why, I can't say. Really. In any case, I really liked them, and I am getting some 150's.

Oh oh, I tried a couple of Harrows. Man, I liked them. A LOT. But they're so out of my price range, it's not even funny. I wish I would be a bit more careful with my racquets so I could "do" with only one or two at the most... and then I would get either a Vapor or a Spitfire. In any case, thanks for the people that posted. For now, case solved :))


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From racquetchic - 15 Dec 2009 - 22:24

Try the Wilson Sledgehammer 130 ti...

Cheap, light and stiff

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From socmon - 13 Dec 2009 - 02:45   -   Updated: 13 Dec 2009 - 02:48

From socmon - 13 Dec 2009 - 02:44   -   Updated: 13 Dec 2009 - 02:46

 if you like 160 gram racquets I would try Metallix 160. is one of the best Head squash racquets, although it does get a little heavy after a few games. otherwise in Head try the Vector 155 CT - similar to Metallix 160 but a little easier on the arm with even balance. Prince rackets are also stiff in the main (not O3 Black) new O3 Speedport Silver is very good, but O3 Speedport Tour also a top racket and is stiff. Harrow rackets also good: Vector, Fury both stiff. Take a look at my website and you can see which rackets are stiff, what weights and balances they have and how they play.

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From rippa rit - 11 Dec 2009 - 21:39

Probably the best thing to do is browse through the Gear Forum Archives and there has been a lot said and advice given.  There are also some reviews.The Relevant Content tab has brought up a couple of articles too.

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