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Distractions - Winning Return

Published: 14 Jul 2004 - 18:58 by rippa rit

Updated: 12 Dec 2004 - 16:35

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A stroke can be awarded if distraction interrupts a winning return.

The Referee should always be sure that the distraction is really obvious and not just a cough, etc.

Player waving arm in the air e.g The Striker is trying to indicate the opponent's return may be out as the Striker hits the ball.
  • The Opponent appeals for a let for distraction. The Referee does not allow a let because the Opponent is not hitting the ball and therefore could not be distracted in an attempt to play the ball
Accidental e.g The player falls over.
The player may choose to play on and accept the distraction.
If the player stops and appeals for a let:
  • The Referee allows a let provided a good return was possible.
  • If the Referee decides that the player could have made a winning return, he should award a stroke to the player.

Deliberate e.g Shouting and stamping of feet.
  • The Referee should apply the provisions of the Conduct on Court Rule.
  • Logically, the Referee would award at least a Conduct Stroke if a winning return was prevented.

Off Court e.g Clapping, siren, flash photography, person moving past glass back wall.
  • The Referee may allow a let if either player is distracted.
  • If the Referee decides that a player could have made a winning return, the Referee should award a stroke to the player.

My tip: Play on and appeal for a let at the end of the rally.
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