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Tournament woes

Published: 11 Jun 2006 - 02:03 by markinjapan

Updated: 11 Jun 2006 - 15:36

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I was in a fun interclub tournament this weekend and in my first game there is something that has left me shaking my head a bit.
In the final game, during setting, my strings broke. Now this is my fault but I hadn't had a chance to restring my backup racket since I bought it, so the factory string was still on it. I usually play with technifibre 225@27lbs. A factory string job is totally different.
So I come back to court with my racket and expect a little knock up to at least get a few shots on the string to maybe get a feel. Nope, no dice. The opponent just said no.
Again my fault for not playing it safe and going for the safe deep lenght, but two tins later, I lose.

Personally I would give someone a bit of a knock up in a situation like that. How about you?

The second part of the tournament was great fun.
It was my first time playing such a format but the deal was, seven players from each team, each play one game to "10" points.....but not really. It goes like this:
Match A
The next game is to 20 points so the second player for the team that only got 5 points in the first game is aiming to get 15 points before the opponent gets five.

When my game came around my team was losing 40 to 60 but I managed to pull it off and hit 70 first. Then my team captain won the last game 81-79. (it was win by two if the scores were tied at 79-79

After 7 matches it came right down to the wire. What a fun day!squash game squash extras How to add images to Members' Forum posts and replies here...


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From markinjapan - 11 Jun 2006 - 15:36

Yeah I realize there is no hit up unless a ball breaks but whenever there is a broken string, minor injury, wiping the court, etc etc when the player returns to court I always give one or two hits.
Is that strange?

It really was just bad timing with the rackets. I had the racket out the night before to string it but life happens and time floats away. A mistake I won't make again.

With me I think it was mental in the way that when my opponent said "no" I was a bit startled. It was 1-1 in setting. But I guess it's not news that squash is all in your head :)

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From rippa rit - 11 Jun 2006 - 13:07   -   Updated: 11 Jun 2006 - 13:15

markinjapan - pity about the racket episode. 
If you are really serious about your play of course it is better to have at least 2 like rackets, purchased at the same time, same weight, and/or strung at the same time, and using the same sort of strings, etc  - so hopefully they will be very similar in every respect. 
The thing is then, to alternate playing with them too, so they wear down at the same rate.
I never liked "breaking in" a new racket as it usually felt stiff as a board and lacked  the touch..
I always had my favourite racket though I must admit, and did not like changing rackets.

So, it is really your choice which way you tackle this racket/string problem in the future - it was just bad timing too.

 I guess, if the ball had broken at the same stage in the match it would have caused the same hiccup too, as that also takes a bit of getting used too. Another thing hard to avoid.

I suppose you have to really be aware of the variables, and hopefully eliminate all the worst things, and with least affect on your game,  eg shoe laces breaking, grip on spare racket being ok, elastic on undies standing the test of time, blisters, and the list gets bigger the more I think of it.

I think the big factor at the critical time of the match is the interruption to your concentration, and your ability to refocus immediately......maybe?

The other point you made when you changed rackets:
.........unfortunately there is no hit up in the middle of the game except if a ball breaks.
.........yes, you are right, do not attempt touch shots until you are confident with your racket feel, and a          long rally with some full strokes at the ball would have helped a lot at this stage of the game.

Oh well, winning is not the only thing, and you had fun.

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