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Try being at the T most of the time!

Published: 15 Oct 2006 - 07:04 by rippa rit

Updated: 24 Sep 2008 - 14:58

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We have talked about lots of things on how to train, solo practice, routine training, fitness, etc.
The main thing to accomplish in any rally is to be at the T area (centre of the court) before the opponent returns your shot, irrespective of what position you are coming from.

You must hit the ball at such a speed, to allow you to have time to do this, or you will immediately be put "on the run" which gradually means you will be on the defensive, and run out of position (a bit like in cricket I guess).

There are various ways to approach tactics and this is another way to look at it.
Really, if you cannot be in position after your shot, you have played the wrong option.

Tight and deep is the thought to start with - never mind about power, but concentrate on control, hug the wall shots, corners.  Now, when the sloppy shot comes along it is time to act on it with authority.   Yeah?

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From raystrach - 18 Oct 2006 - 17:16

you got that right adz

if you are not on or around the T when the opponent plays the ball you have either
hit the ball too hard
recovered too slowly from your own shot or
played a poor shot
the thing is, most players don't see it that way. when occasionally i do drills with others who are usually 20 - 30 years younger than me and much fitter, they usually get tired before me.

why? because they usually have to run further than me because of their poor positioning and recovery.

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From BizarreCo - 16 Oct 2006 - 21:20

One thing I've been working on in my coaching sessions this weekend, is to ensure that the people I coach are showing better positioning during and between their shots.

Using the T as the centre point and creating a large box in the centre of the court allows the "students" to gain better positioning and greater fluidity of movement for their matchplay.

The simple theory of playing the ball slowly when in need of recovery time eludes a surprisingly high number of players. Especially the "HC" players (Headless Chicken!). Using slow and high shots to aid recovery and fast, low shots to aid attacking play, separates players of similar fitness levels and racket skills and is the first step on creating excellant playing tactics. Applying the right positioning can help to cover up flaws in shot play and fitness. In the most basic of thinking, by staying around the T area, you will reduce your travel time to and from the ball, thus reducing your overall workrate - making it less work for you to play. Also the reduced time taken to get to the ball will make it appear that you are playing at a faster speed.


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