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They're Getting Restless

Published: 01 Nov 2006 - 09:11 by raystrach

Updated: 01 Nov 2006 - 14:35

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I am not sure whether it is poloitically correct or not to say it, but the natives are getting restless. The natives being the captains of the Squash teams that I hae been playing for, or to be more correct, not playing for.

I was thinking just the other day, that I might ring up in the next week or so to advise that I am read to start playing competition again, and the "natives" might say "It's OK, we are managing without you - we will give you a call when we need you!" I need not have worried.

The phone calls have started already. I told them, " In a week or so".

Meanwhile, I have been attempting to put more strain on the troublesome foot, with some success. I have done some light training over the past couple of weeks, gradually increasing the intensity. During a 2 hour club coachig stint last saturday, a couple of the better players wanted nothing more than a game, which I was able to provide with some enthusiasm, if not athleticism.

After the sessin , the foot was sore but had recovered the following day - a good sign. I followed up on monday night with another training session and again escaped reletively unscathed apart from little foot soreness and some general soreness.

What I have been noticing, with my training partner and others,  is the impact of the decision making process.

My training partner is a coaching student who I advised to have a short break from the coaching to bed in some of the new skills that he has dveloped over the past few months. Although his skills have improved markedly, his decision making is letting him down.

This showed up i the first couple of training sessions (90% drills) we had. At first, there were a lot of mistakes, a lot of poor judgement and lack of concentration. I guess that applied to both of us. Our last session was much better where he made far fewer mistakes ad was more consistant. He was able to readjust after a poor initial decision (eg tried to make an impossible volley - recover, then go to the back wall and play a ground shot) .

Other players that I have watched, for no apparent reason, simply run to the wrong spot to make a return. This is particularly obvious  in the back corners. Players all too often run too far into the corner, only to have the ball come out back at them. It is not as though they are under too much time pressure and the ball does something unexpected. It is either misjudgement or poor technique.

The principles of back wall play:
  • Stay out of the corners and
  • away from the back wall and
  • have a high backswing
is a good starting point.

Working on the decision making process will be one of the most effective things you can do to improve your game.squash game squash extras How to add images to Members' Forum posts and replies here...


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From gwl - 01 Nov 2006 - 14:35   -   Updated: 01 Nov 2006 - 14:35

Always some good advice contained within these blogs...keep them coming Ray.

I'd hope *cough* 'the natives' would never knock having you play in their team when you are able to.

Interesting observations that I can relate to.



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