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help on drives and crosscourts

Published: 06 Jan 2007 - 11:17 by shib

Updated: 10 Jan 2007 - 08:08

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dear all,
I need some help with drives. my drives are usually very loose and I can't seem to hit it so that  it "sticks" to the side wall. either they bounce off the back wall very much and it is extremely easy for the opponent to get the ball or I hit it such that when the ball is traveling back hits the side wall and flies to the middle of the court. any tips on how to get a solid drive pls? and how to practice this myself?
also I can't seem to do a good cross court when at the back. my ball usually goes to the middle and i usually lose the rally like that. my opponent has very good crosscourts and especially on the crosscourt to the backhand and I stand flat footed at the T watching the ball fly past me and then lose the rally.
ok I know there are a lot of questions sorry! would appreciate it if anyone could give me some help. Thanks alot!squash game squash extras How to add images to Members' Forum posts and replies here...


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From rippa rit - 10 Jan 2007 - 08:08

ADZ has explained that pretty well to you.
If you are having a problem with timing, it is a good idea to practice getting in position to hit the ball, then W-A-I-T before swinging.
Get to the ball early, full racket preparation is good, but lots of players also want to strike the ball immediately they reach the ball - wrong idea.
Some players also want to kangaroo along when they get near the ball trying to get their "feet right" - wrong idea.

Prepare the racket early - travel following the ball - keep away from the ball to allow enough room to step in at the appropriate time ready to strike.  If you are fast on court, that is good, but take your time once you are within the striking position. 

You got that?

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From shib - 10 Jan 2007 - 00:51

Hi ADZ and all,
thanks for your suggestions. I'll try them out the next time I go to court. also my friend commented on how my timing when taking shots is a bit "out" and I guess that's another factor why my shots are loose so I'll work on my timing too.

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From Adz - 09 Jan 2007 - 22:02

Okies, DVD's are great for showing you what you should look like, but UFC DVDs never made me into a great fighter and forulma 1 DVDs never taught me how to drive!


The only way to learn a new skill is to practise it. You can read books and magazines or watch dvd's all day long and you'll only ever get the theory. It's the practise you finally need to get right!


Steps for a good length:

  1. Get a target appropriate to your skill level (starting with something the size of a racquet cover and work down to something the size of a credit-card or a drinks cup!)
  2. The ideal target placement would be where the second bounce of the ball dies in the back corner.
  3. Try to keep the ball higher and slower to start with so that you get used to hitting the ball consistently along the rail (the wall) trying to keep it as tight to the rail as you can.
  4. As your consistency improves you can lower the height and rise the speed of the shot to achieve the same length. Remeber that a faster shot goes wrong quicker if you make a mistake!
  5. ALWAYS move your feet between shots. Even if you length is good enough to come back to you every time, the object in squash is to clear the ball and get back to the T after your shot. If you do it in training you'll do it in a match, so MOVE!


Tips for a good swing:

  1. Keep your racquet head height around the same height as your head/shoulder when preparing for your shot. The aim isn't for power but for consistency.
  2. Keep your swing smooth and consistent, with the racquet head always higher from the floor than your wrist. You are playing a soft drive not a hard one! Keeping your wrist below the racquet head will give greater consistency of shot for this exercise - and yes, you might have to bend your legs to get lower enough to do this! Remember the 5th rule above? MOVE!
  3. Keep your racquet up between shots! Be prepared for everything any anything. You can't read your opponents mind, but you can prepare as much as possible. Once agin, do it in training and you'll do it in a match!

Squash is just simple phyisics. The angle the ball strikes the wall at is approximately the angle it will rebound off at on the other side (assuming no spin and minimal friction). If your shot is loose e.g. 1m away from the wall. Aim to hit the next shot halfway between the first shot width and the wall (e.g. 0.5m away from the wall). This will mean that the ball will touch the side wall at the same length as the one you are about to strike!


Cross-courts can be advice for another time as it's lunchtime here and I'm hungry now!


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From drop-shot - 06 Jan 2007 - 21:17   -   Updated: 06 Jan 2007 - 21:18

Well, Spartacus, watching DVD helps, but nothing can top few hours (few years) with coach.

P.S. There is a second DVD from Jon Power called "Above the Tin". I just got it and find it superior quality. Excellent drills for 1/2/3 people on the court. Much better collection than the first DVD from him. And David Palmer's DVD is really good, but for more advanced players. There's like 20 drills or practice-rallies and a bit of ghosting sessions.

To shib:
You're asjking here very basic questions and the basic answer will be:
in the top bar you find:
Squash Library
Squash strokes/movements. This maybe a good reading.
Then go to the court alone for 40 minutes and practice good lenght. Relax and hit. Just relax. Open the racket face, get behind the ball and swing... Transfer the weight of your body from the back to the front leg... good...This is not as easy as it seems, but you will manage.

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From nickhitter - 06 Jan 2007 - 19:32

You can get hold of decent squash instructional dvd like Jonathon Power's 'Exposed' which will show you how to practice straight length on your own, or better still get a good coach!

With the regard to not being able to retireve cross courts from the back, this is a very easy shot to return but only if you WATCH THE BALL ONTO YOUR OPPONENTS RACKET! I bet anything that the split second before your opponent strikes that cross court, your looking straight at the front wall!

I know this because I have been there!

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From Viper - 06 Jan 2007 - 18:29

"I need some help with drives. my drives are usually very loose "


1. Get some lessons to check you technique ( very likely you have poor racket/footwork ).


2. Practice length shots a lot more

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