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Which foot, any foot?

Published: 13 Apr 2007 - 07:29 by rippa rit

Updated: 18 Apr 2007 - 07:17

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Well, you can see how versatile you have to be in this great game, and the theory is always good to know.  Yeah, and better still when you can apply it.
Not sure how David's shot ended up for accuracy, though the racket work looked good which is half the battle, but it is surprising he did not fall over when striking the ball?!
I am sure the ball would have got back into play.
Just a thought, that is why it is so important to do solo practice as playing on the run week after week wrecks your strokes eventually.

There is a new breed of young players coming through in Nicol and Ramy overtaking the more experienced.  Fit, young, less injuries, more agile too helps. squash game squash extras How to add images to Members' Forum posts and replies here...


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From rippa rit - 18 Apr 2007 - 07:15   -   Updated: 18 Apr 2007 - 07:17

Well the Qatar final has been played and the two young players did it again.
This must be stunning for the troupers with a repeat result of the Kuwait Open.
More action shots for you.

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From rippa rit - 14 Apr 2007 - 08:51

Well, it is easy to see why the younger players might weather the storm better, as following on from the Kuwait Open is another big event in Qatar, with big dollars too, so every player wants to be in the draw hoping they can make it through.
This does not give the body/injuries much time for recovery.  Ouch!

What is happening here is a far cry from the weekly fixture competition performance.

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  Racquet up and back - helped make reactions much quicker. I could cut the balls off much earlier on the drives down the walls.  

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