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Published: 11 Jun 2008 - 19:37 by zatoichi

Updated: 12 Jun 2008 - 03:14

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Jetbounce squash ball heater,
came across this novelty while surfing
looking for equipment..

i guess it can be a practical tool,
when not having alot of court time,
f.ex just a 30 min slot,
and the players don't wish to "waste" time
in a cold court warming up the ball -

or players who do not want to hit their hardest
when the body body is cold -

or when playing someone who takes breaks every 5 minutes
and it would be nice to have a varm ball when the game continues..

or if a ball should burst, its possible to have a varm back-up ball

Then again hard hitters don't need so much time varming up a ball,
and for them a product like this is just unnecessary...

anyway I just felt like sharing this little find,
as i haven't seen many places offering a product like this

I don't know much about this product,
just stumbled across it on ebay,
then google'd till I found the main website (
and did a quick read up

well for 10 euros I might just buy one for the fun of it


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From mike - 12 Jun 2008 - 03:14

apparently rolling the ball under foot is "bad for it", but I can't imagine there are devastating consequences.

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From daveamour - 11 Jun 2008 - 23:33   -   Updated: 11 Jun 2008 - 23:34

I agree with Rippa.  I can warm a ball up by rolling it fast under my foot in less than 30 seconds it gets very hot - its just a matter of practice and speed.

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From rippa rit - 11 Jun 2008 - 20:37

Well that is a novel idea.  This innovation sounds like it has been thought of by a non-player to me. So is it like a footwarmer?

Continual heat on a ball is not so good for it, ok if it only stays there for a while, but not for days.  What is wrong with plonking it under the hot tap for a bit before going on court if it is cool weather.

And, on the court, when the opponent does up their shoes or argues with the ref, just put the ball under your shoe and keep rolling it under your foot and that will keep some heat in it.

If the ball  breaks it would still be necessary to give the exchanged ball a few hits, though if it was warm to start with it would cut down the time by a small amount.

Nar, don't think it is such a great invention

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