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bouncier balls??

Published: 08 Sep 2006 - 18:24 by reraw

Updated: 24 Sep 2008 - 15:09

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In professional touranments the ball appears to be much more bouncier that the double yellow spot ball. when the pro's hit a shot right into the back of the court it seems to come off the back wall nice enough to able to return. When ever i'm playing this never happens the ball will hit the back wall and drop just in front of it making it very difficult to return. I play in Ireland where the climate is quite cool most of the time, would this make that much of a difference? or do the Pro's use a bouncier ball?

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From rippa rit - 09 Sep 2006 - 09:07   -   Updated: 09 Sep 2006 - 09:22

Reraw - try using a white or blue dot and see if you can enjoy the rallies any better, and the ball might fly a bit more. 
Balls flying around for social players can also become dangerous with the lack of control too.
You must strike the ball with a full-blooded swing as Ray points out to get the "heat" into the ball.  Long hard rallies, no talking in between points help keep it warm.  It has been said that John White (No. 1 Scotland) holds the unofficial ball speed record 275.2 kph so imagine that in a 10 hit rally.

If you pick the ball up when the pros play, it will feel like fire, and very spoungy.

Pick the ball up when the social players play, and on and off during the game, the ball feels like a cold bit of toast!

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From raystrach - 08 Sep 2006 - 21:15

hi reraw

as i have said a number of times in a variety of posts, the pros play Squash, but it is not Squash as we know it.  there are a number of factors here:
  • although i have no scientific basis for this, i would estimate that the pros would hit about 10 shots compared to about 7 your top local players would hit or about 4 that social players hit in the same time frame.
  • they hit the ball with so much timing and hot it so much harder than most
  • the rallies go for much longer
  • when playing under television lights it gets quite warm
is it any wonder that the ball gets hotter!  steve p also correctly points out that as a ball gets older, bounce characteristics change.

add to that the cool climes of ireland, and that will account for an enourmous difference.

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From stevo - 08 Sep 2006 - 20:53

No, they just hit it so hard that it gets a lot warmer and bouncier. Also, they always start with a brand new ball which I think will also make the ball bouncier.

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