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Double Yellow Dot Balls

Published: 18 Aug 2009 - 22:25 by Timo

Updated: 19 Aug 2009 - 08:51

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I have just bought a dozen Head double yellow dot balls. I am, like most other people, used to playing with Dunlops. I found that they don't seem to be as bouncy as the dunlops, especially when you are retrieving after it hitting the back wall.

Has anyone else on here tried these balls?



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From rippa rit - 19 Aug 2009 - 08:51

Timo - there has been a bit of chatting, see Relevant Content tab on the lefthand column, re balls.

If the Head box that the ball came in state,approved by the WSF, they would fall within the specifications set out.  Sorry I know nothing about Head Balls. Balls can also vary from batch to batch no matter whose brand they are too.

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