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Overhead Volley and Bending more for Low Shots

Published: 15 Jun 2008 - 21:54 by Squashplayer

Updated: 17 Jun 2008 - 18:12

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Hi.I'm a reasonably tall squash player and I need some information on playing the overhead volley for certain shots.1)When playing the overhead volley,do you just have to reach up and play the ball,and bend the knees just like any other shot,or just reach up and play and dont bend the kneesor do you have to bend the knees slightly,and if you going for an overhead drop shot,do you have to bend the knees as well?

2)Another question I have is if you have any loose shot that sits up and is not so low,do you have to bend your knees as well,or do you judge the bounce of the ball,and bend that much?

Any help or some indormation to these questions will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

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From Adz - 17 Jun 2008 - 18:12

I'm hoping I'm getting the point of this post right, but correct me if I'm wrong.......


I think you're trying to suggest the point of bending your knees in these shots. All of them can be playing without bending the knees, but to get any power into your shot requires the transfer of body weight. It is far easier to pvot the body with the knees bent than straightened.

In a volley the knees are the first major pivot used in transfering the body weight forward and into the shot (look at a tennis serve and just much they do bend the knees during the shot). Notice also that by slightly bending the knees you can get a better balance and stability as you tansfer the center-of-mass over the middle of your feet (as opposed to your heels). Therefore you might find it more comfortable to play volley-drops with your knees slightly bent, but this is far from compulsory and you should stick to what feels best for you as long as the technique is sound.


Hope this helps (If I just the understanding right!!)



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From rippa rit - 17 Jun 2008 - 08:28

Thinking about your questions on the volley.  At first I thought why would you need to have bent legs when you are reaching up, but it is true to say the flexing does happen in the approach to the ball and in the recovery, although at the point of impact for a smash the legs are probably fairly straight to get more height in your reach.

In this Gold Video on the Volley Drop and Overhead Volley Drop into the front corner, the legs are flexed most of the time, and even on the execution. At the same time the player in not jumping in the air to execute the shot either.

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From raystrach - 15 Jun 2008 - 23:14

hi squashplayer


it is true that you need to bend the knees to get down to the ball.  but bending the knees does so much more.

  • if you need to jump up to reach an overhead, how will you get the upwards elevation without the knee bend
  • when you are going to play a shot, you should not be just standing there like you are wiating for the bus
    • having your knees flexed with a relatively wide stance will provide a better base for hitting and for recovering to the t
    • it will also enable you to transfer your weight forward into the ball if time permits
  • the knee bend enables your shot making to be far more dynamic

this article from "The Guru" might help as well...

It's Duck For Dinner

Hope this helps.

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