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Taking time out to train/play for 6 months

Published: 12 Feb 2009 - 01:20 by dicey2

Updated: 06 Apr 2009 - 05:56

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Hi Folks


Im a 34 year old Grade D player.  I train hard, fitness is good (for my level) and am very dedicated.  In fact I am so dedicated that I am strongly thinking of taking 3-6 months of work and going somehere (anywhere in world) to learn how to improve and play squash all day every day.

I have only started in the last 2-3 years and I know it sounds mad but I really want to dedicate that much time and effort into my game

Can anyone recommend what I should do or where in the world I go, or more importantly who could I go to to help me.  Im not looking for 1 on 1 specifally - I just want to  concentarte on training and playing for a solid 6 months to bring my game on in leaps and bounds

Im in Ireland by the way and coaches are few and far between.  I did a weekend course last year with Graham Stevenson (Grade 4 coach) which was brilliant and improved my game greatly.  i just wish I could do that for some time!!!

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From fatness - 06 Apr 2009 - 05:56

join the fitzwilliam club in dublin, thats the home of irish squash and thats where up and coming potential pros play and train every day. also worth considering is the westwood club in leopardstown. ex world no 7 and irish no 1 for years derek ryan coaches there. if he cant turn you into a champion squash player no one can........

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From rippa rit - 15 Feb 2009 - 06:58

Squashsite have advertised some Coaching Camps coming up in the UK and Egypt. I see Bexley is catering for Juniors.  However, I am sure if there was enough interest from adults they would arrange something to suit so that might be worth an email.

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From dicey2 - 13 Feb 2009 - 21:51   -   Updated: 13 Feb 2009 - 21:51

From jimbob1965 - 13 Feb 2009 - 10:31

Dicey, just out of interest, where is Graham Stevenson based and what did the weekend course cost?



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From mike - 12 Feb 2009 - 09:36

How about this one?

It's in Mexico, with Jonathan Power.

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From rippa rit - 12 Feb 2009 - 08:12

dicey2 - just my personal thoughts, as these are questions young students have asked, and decisions they have had to make on whether to go on with their education or dedicate themselves to squash on a full time basis. Your question has slightly different perameters of course. When Oz was at its peak in squash many players relocated from other states to become part of the competitive scene, worked part-time, or studied to improve their game, eg Dean Mason.  My comments:

  • A D Grade player would need some very specific coaching to get their skills up to speed.  A lot of the training therefore would be concentrating on the technique.
  • For this level of play/experience to fit into a full-time squad would be hard, as most full-time players are striving to join the tournament circuit, and earn money by playing for various clubs in Europe, eg our Oz players in Amsterdam fly out every other day to clubs in Europe to play comp and that is probably how they survive financially.
  • A plan to have a working holiday in either Egypt or Holland where you can get some quality coaching sounds a good idea, but to cramb squash into a six months block might not be so practical, and you could be disappointed, and waste a lot of time hanging around.

Have you thought of trying a Coaching Camp to start with and see how that goes. You need to be comfortable with your coach and also with what sort of program that will be arranged for you, including the environment, costs, projected results, training partners, etc. 

Unless you hook up with a coach who is in the Club every day it will be difficult to get the on-going assistance in all areas, ie solo practice, group training, competition.

I hope this throws a bit more light on the concept.



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From weiran - 12 Feb 2009 - 01:49

If you can speak the language, Egypt seem to be opening up squash clubs every week there, so you probably wont find a lack of coaches or players there!

A lot of the pros train in Holland, and there are several big tournaments held there every year too. Personally, if I could take 6 months off work, Holland would probably be my choice :).

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