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Published: 20 Apr 2009 - 16:38 by raystrach

Updated: 17 Sep 2009 - 14:31

Subscribers: Log in to subscribe to this post. is proud to introduce a new interactive service for Squash enthusiasts - E-Coach. Just as the name suggests, you can now use web technology to improve the specifics of your Squash game.

Either working with your real coach or by yourself, you can now exploit the depth of knowledge and experience of the Squashgame team by getting analysis and advice on technical matters, simply by uploading a short video file and getting evaluation, the required resources and general feedback.

Practical Steps to Getting Started

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How It Works

Each E-Coach lesson consists of a video upload by the student, evaluation and provision of suggested resources by the E-Coach directed at how best to improve your game. (this is called a video upload cycle)  At the end of your E-Coaching course you provide a final video for our evaluation and assessment.

  • You select a coaching plan ( See below) and make the necessary payment
  • You upload a short video file (up to 5 minutes in length) of yourself, playing or practicing.The following file formats are accepted, ie
    • This file is permanently stored in your record and available to you into the future
    • It can be made public or kept private
  • Your E-Coach (at present, Rippa or Raystrach) will assess your playing technique in the areas which they believe require attention and/or at your request or suggestion
    • They will provide specific feedback on what you need to do to improve your game in those areas specifically and your overall game in general
    • They will also provide some resources from the vast array available at to help you make the necessary improvements
    • They will suggest drills and routines which could help you fulfil your potential
  • You can use our online training diary which is also provided, to keep a record of your progress
  • After the final lesson in the series, you can upload a final video for a suggested course of action for the future
  • All the videos and input from you or us here at remain available to you on a permanent basis.
  • You can continue to use the training diary on an ongoing basis for free


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it is worth noting that this very site has excellent description and pics of basic strokes in the squash library section.

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