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the swing

Published: 09 Jul 2009 - 07:49 by Paolo

Updated: 10 Jul 2009 - 11:12

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sorry for my english..i do my best..

and i hope you undestand that i write...


my question is this:

i'had read on your site, that the mechanic of the swing have the key in the rotation of  forearm...

but i'had read also the mechanic of the pronation and supination of the forearm...


what is exactly the difference from rotation of forearm and pronation and supination of forearm?


I think the rotation of forearm is when (for example ) my forearm go on the left or on twhe wright without turn my wrist (or my palm of my hand)...and the pronation or supination of forearm is when i stay with my forearm firm and turn my wrist on the left or on the right, so the palm of my hand go up or down when i turn my wrist...


is correct?

i think so, that the rotation of the forearm is the swing, "the basic" for give accurance in a shot, and the pronation or supination of  forearm give acceleration and more power...


is correct? 


Thanks for your helpfulness



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From rippa rit - 10 Jul 2009 - 11:12

Paolo -  there is no need to apologise, I understand your difficulty with translation. Translating our site into other languages is one of our dreams.

The Relevant Content tab is only available when the key words from the post are inserted, and I do try to keep it up to date as soon after the post appears as possible.  Each time you open a post or article just have a glance at that tab as you will find interesting discussions from our members coming from all posts as you open them..

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From Paolo - 09 Jul 2009 - 09:48

Hi rippa rit..!


scusme, is the first time that i write..and i didn't see a voice "relevant content tab"..


now with your help i had find and i can read about that discuss...thanks again..


For my english...i had study english at school when i was young, so with a dictionary on line i can write...and i hope you understand what i'm write.. :))


thanks again for your patience and your helfullness



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From rippa rit - 09 Jul 2009 - 09:25   -   Updated: 09 Jul 2009 - 09:25

Paolo - before going into any lengthy discussion on this pronation/supination topic please take a read of the Relevant Content tab (see on the top lefthand column when logged in) and you will find out a lot. If, after reading these articles and replies you are still not certain, please put in another post.

Just a question - are you doing your own English translation or using a program - as it is not too bad at all - good on you.

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