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Which is the sturdiest?

Published: 13 Nov 2009 - 04:45 by OmriG

Updated: 13 Nov 2009 - 23:17

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You may remember me from a post two weeks ago...

Well,  I'll make it simple, from these 4 rackets, which is the most liekly to not break easily?

Dunlop Hot Melt Pro
Wilson nCode N120 Squash Racquet
Prince More Dominant Squash Racquet
Wilson nBlade Squash Racque



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From Ric - 13 Nov 2009 - 23:10   -   Updated: 13 Nov 2009 - 23:17

I would recommend the hotmelt pro. I have used them for two years and never broken one.  They have taken me from a low level club player to being a good intermediate player and I've never felt the need to change. I have thought about upgrading to one of the newer Dunlops, but I just don't really see why when the hotmelt has been such a good racket for me.  Also, to replace one I would actually have to manage to break one, which is kind of impossible. I would definitly say If you are a beginner or the type of player to hit the wall a lot, then it's the racket for you.

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