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How to improve?

Published: 13 Nov 2009 - 22:57 by weelee86

Updated: 14 Nov 2009 - 10:29

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 Hi all, 

I just started playing squash not long ago. I seem to have stop improving although i train regularly. 

My problems are:

1) I can't return serves that bounces of the side wall and onto the back wall. I do not have space to swing my racquet. 

2) People say i dont bend much resulting in very crappy returns. 

These are 2 problems which I would like to overcome for now. Any one can help??

Thanks in advance!


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From raystrach - 14 Nov 2009 - 10:29

hi weelee86

there is a huge amount of info in the library and the forum on this very topic.  i have inserted some tags for this post so you can now take a look at the relevant content and videos (menu top left).

ric is on the right track with what he has had to say, but i might add a few things.

rather than bending down to the ball. i prefer the term getting down to the ball which is a combination of bent knees, feet apart, movement of the back and racket position. make sure your legs are not like stilts, but more like a suspension system

with respect to your technique in trying to retrieve the ball from the back wall, look for some of these themes in the relevant content.

  • many people back up to the wall when trying to retrieve a deep shot. this is a no no  as it means your swing is going backwards - the back wall then gets in the way
    • once you get within about a metre of the back wall, you should start turning to face the ball from within the court - you may end up facing the back wall at, say, an angle of 45 deg.
    • this starts to change the direction of the swing
  • use the high backswing technique advocated by this website.
    • this reduces the distance the racket goes back, thus reducing the radius of the swing, meaning you can get in closer to the back wall

get back with more questions if needed

hope this helps

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From Ric - 13 Nov 2009 - 23:38


New poster here, but been reading this forum for a long while.

These are two problems that I have had to deal with.

1. Get your racket prepared. If your racket is up and ready to swing, you will have much more time to react to a deep serve. Then you can either volley the return or get yourself in a better position to get space to swing.


2. I'm a tall guy who didn't like bending a lotl. Because I wasn't bending I was getting too close to the ball when swinging and it meant my returns were weak and unpredictable.  I overcame this problem by practicing lunges and strengthening my back and core in the gym. Now I don't need to get so close to the ball and can give myself the room to swing properly. 

Hope this helps,



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