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Matthews v Gaultier a must watch ??

Published: 26 Mar 2011 - 08:55 by rippa rit

Updated: 26 Mar 2011 - 08:55

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Well I was just watching a tremendous match between these two top players, and I think Gaultier might have withdrawn due to injury as there seemed to be no third game video footage coming through at all. Not surprising as it looked as though Gaultier, towards the end of the second game, gave his leg a bit of a twig. This match became so intense there was no way you could compete injured.  Don't let this stop you taking a look at the two games that were played as it is superb squash.

1st game - the players were not trying to bash each other off the court, and played tight and controlled using the volley to speed up the game always looking for a chance to hit a nick. When retrieving after a volley the tight lob gave more time to get into position.  The backhand wall was their main focus, being patient for the unexpected opportunity to apply pressure. Gaultier looked the sharper and hungrier player and took out the game 9:7.

2nd game - Gaultier got a bit fiesty towards the end of the lst game over the referee decisions, and that seemed to work to advantage for Matthew as he came back fired up, stood almost on the T, took the ball early, was ready for any front court shots, snapped the volleys, and applied a huge amount of pressure from centre court.  It was skillful and physical play. It was good to see the  tactics shifting not to set up repetitive play, but always keeping the opponent on the ready for drops, nicks, trickle boasts, etc. and this explosive movement at the front was a great test of leg power and court movement. Towards the end of this game is where Gaultier looked to sustain an injury moving to the backhand wall to retrieve a good length shot.

What a let down, I went to make a cuppa waiting for the return to court, and bingo it looks as though Gaultier did not return to court...if I am wrong I will come back to this review.  Sorry.

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This is my first post but have read some really wise and impressive advise from other threads.  

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