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Speed trainings in squash

Published: 05 Oct 2005 - 19:31 by drop-shot

Updated: 15 Nov 2005 - 01:47

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Good morning/ Evening/ Afternoon ...

Here's my question to everybody - how do you work out your court speed?
Do you have any specific excersizes? Hints?

I know that ghosting the containment rallies may help, but I just want to kick the higher gear.squash game squash extras How to add images to Members' Forum posts and replies here...


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From drop-shot - 15 Nov 2005 - 01:47

I can not really slow down ... I just have started squash adventure twenty months ago, in the age of thirty-something... I have to catch up with the club players (I beat a lot of my friends now), and there is a lot of work ahead of me... Though I understand the importance of having breaks (string and muscles have to have few hours to recover) ...
... Burning me out is not an option ... I have a plan ... I have the tools and I have the will... Now it's just the matter of time ;-)

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From rippa rit - 12 Nov 2005 - 07:10

Slavi - yes I think you have got it. You are actually playing one shot, then ghosting the other, so that keeps happening alternately. Just do a short period of that, break up the session, then by doing a routine that incorporates those shots you have just practised, for a short period too, then go onto a restricted game, re-enforcing the same shots too.
Slow down!!!!!
Our upgraded site will have expanded Physical Conditioning so when you work your way through some of the ideas you will get a better perspective on how to pace yourself.
Hey, we don't want you to burn out!

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From drop-shot - 11 Nov 2005 - 20:02

Ah, of course I know what you mean here. It is like the "ghosting" but with the ball and in the real time speed. Actually we do it as well. And we do it as it is a game, so we count the points, with one condition – I CAN NOT ATTACK hitting drops. But THE FEEDER (Coach) can :-)
Well, it is not easy, my muscles can tell you that. And yessssss, I puff a lot after the rallies like that :)
This is the reason why we decided to have two-three days breaks after 5 hard sessions described above.

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From rippa rit - 11 Nov 2005 - 07:21

Yep, that is a good workout.
There is a variation (and since the back corners are your favourite!). Feeder stands maybe just in front of the T, places the ball in the front of the court (as you are doing now) feeder takes their time, while you run to the back of the court swing your racket (you can place a ball on the floor as a pretend shot if you like in a specific spot at the back wall/corner), then recover the front wall shot as, eg a drop shot (easier for the feeder to pick it up ready for the next one). This can then be varied to tickle boast.
From the drop shot, a lob could also be done, just means the feeder has to be alert to keep the system working.
Actually I can hear you puffing already!
Slavi you must improve with this training, as it is very specific, and besides the aerobic workout, there is heaps more about footwork, ball control, racket work.
Well done.

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From drop-shot - 11 Nov 2005 - 00:05

Dear all, thanks for all the hints regarding the trainings on speed in squash. Actually, I did not expect it to be as tough. Few times I left the court with tears in my eyes.
I just wanted to share with you the newest drill I do practice and it has a lot to do with speed on court. The excercize lasts 240 seconds.
• you stand on the T
• your partner feeds you with very fast paced shots hit to the front wall.
• you are allowed to hit the ball only in one quarter of the court (back left or back right square)
• No defensive shots are allowed (no lobs)

After few sessions with that rallies being played, I just discovered few things:
– my footwork is less chaotic than in the past, as I found it really usefull to wait for the ball, even if it is very fast and low ball in the front;
– my agility is much better than ever;
– speed in between my ears - reaction and anticipation improved. Most of the shots are hit intuitionally. And the speed of the raly pretends to be as high as it would be real match.

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From rippa rit - 07 Oct 2005 - 10:10

Hello Slavi - Ray has given you some excellent stuff to digest. In my juniors it was the players who could vertical jump the highest that were the fastest on court(leg power) - the bad news is that they were not necessarily the best players. So it is all about having a rounded periodised year round program which addresses all of the areas, eg skill (technique), mental (how your head handles the pressure), physical (fitness components), tactical (use your "speed between the ears" as Ray called it), the ability to evaluate your own weaknesses and strengths, the ability to use those strengths, recognise the weaknesses in the opponent, capitalise on those weaknesses. Slavi, go back over the site every now and then and revise the articles, and you will find things you did not "see" before.
Warning, speed is an absolute necessity, but is only of use if it is done in balance with the above elements, so all of these ingredients have to make a "beautiful mixture".
That is why this game is so great as it is only as hard as you want to make it...keep up the spirit...good luck.

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From raystrach - 07 Oct 2005 - 07:51

dear slavi

just a note of caution. be sure to incorporate plenty of "recovery" into your training program. speed training tends to be more destructive at the micro level, so recovery is very important.

also take note of what a couple of the articles say about the timing or "periodisation" of this type of training. although there are a couple of differing perspectives on this, this is not the type of training you would do all year round. rather, it would be done in "blocks". ( we will have more on this issue in the future.)

have fun!!

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From drop-shot - 06 Oct 2005 - 20:56

Well, now I can answer in more words... As I checked the website links you sent me, it looks scary and really profi. But, if I want to set the expectation bar higher, i have to establish tougher trainings. Even these speed ghostings look pretty awesome if I have to "hits" 22 shots per minute. I just wonder how accurate these hits will be then :)
And sprint and athlete trainings in the links from you - well, it does really look impressive. But i will start to do that as well. I am persistant guy. Once more, Ray, big thank you.

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From drop-shot - 06 Oct 2005 - 20:08

Yes, yes, I am here all the time, learning the game and practicing more and more :)
Ray - thanks a million for the post, I will set up the new training routine from now...

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From raystrach - 06 Oct 2005 - 10:33

hi slavi

good to hear from you again and i am please to see your are still at it! a few points:
  • speed in squash is not just raw speed ie
    1. explosive power - for take off, jump volley
    2. raw speed - run to and from shot
    3. agility - move around opponent, recovery to the T
    4. speed between the ears - anticipation
    5. speed endurance - many small performances in a match

  • it's desirable to train each facet separately
  • take the ghosting to another level with
    • directed ghosting- instead of just moving in a set pattern, have a practice partner instruct where to run eg short backhand, volley forehand, deep backhand
    • interrupted ghosting - have that same partner, interrupt your movements as you follow their intructions
    • ghosting training - ghost for 10 consecutive minutes with either 1) a minutes break in between each minute or 2)15 secs break in between each minute (the second is obviousy harder)(achieve 22 "hits" per minute if possible)

  • read court movement especially the "more" on take off
  • anticipation, take off and recovery to the T, in my view , are the most important elements
  • check the links below -
  • I have found bounding and depth jumping to be useful

speed drills

hope this helps

ps we are about two thirds of the way thru a total review of the site. this review should be complete (with new content) in about 3 -4 weeks - some of this will be on this and related topics, especially in the drills and physical conditioning sections

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