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Sucked in Ref?

Published: 24 Jul 2004 - 18:31 by rippa rit

Updated: 20 Dec 2007 - 11:49

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Rippa Rita`s championship squash tip
This is about a match between an experienced International player, and a junior who was about to commence the international circuit. During their championship semi-final I watched with interest a whole match, but at 6-7 in the fifth there was a turnaround.

The experienced international player got desparate - he was tired. He said to the Ref in such a polite tone, "do you mind if I change my shoes, I am slipping".  The Ref was a bit confused and asked a few questions, "my shoes are wet I need to change them" was repeated.

So where in the world would you find a fresh pair of shoes in 30 seconds?

By the time the Ref realised what was going on the player was out the door and roaming around looking for dry shoes. Alas, it was too late, his opponent a younger, skilful, fit player was left on court bemused by it all and a little stunned too. When play finally resumed this is what had really happened:

  • The ball had cooled down.
  • The younger fellow was bemused by the carry on so that no doubt got to his head.
  • The "foxing" player had become more composed and recovered, gradually edged on to win 10-8. Whoo! That was close.
Psychology won the match!
  •  Lessons are learnt in many ways for players over a squash career.
  • That probably explains why maturity is reached later rather than sooner.
There is no substitute for having a good Referee. Read about Wasting Time and Continuous Play.squash game squash extras How to add images to Members' Forum posts and replies here...


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From edmpnd1961 - 20 Dec 2007 - 11:49

Hi Rita,

I like to correct yr statement, Squashies are not as unique as u mention (unique only because two people, playing together in a confine room).

As pro's, some hv no respect for rules and ref's ( I know , some of them sucks) and most pro's do not know how to lose graciously. some even walk out of court, not shaking hands.

To some extent, even blame officials for denying them a decision and losing making them lose their bread and butter( lousy decision in their own words, when they make a lose return)

Prabbit is right, lest u could do is to upgrade yr knowledge of the rule as a living pro and learn to lose with dignity, when yr opponent's playing better then you on that day.

Happy Holidays to one and all.


Edmond Sng


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From rippa rit - 12 Nov 2004 - 00:07

Hi prabbit,
Your points are very valid. Don't know what happens in your Club/Country but good on you if you can get players to become "certified referees", and then be lucky enough to get them to ref your match!. There is always a reluctance for players including the very top players, from my neck of the woods, to become qualified referees. If the ref has no training, he may be able to ref ok but generally does not know the finer points. Squashies are unique in some respects compared to other sports

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From prabbit - 11 Nov 2004 - 00:35

Did the referee not know the rules? Was he inexperienced?

Unfortunately, it's a common problem that players don't know the rules and often it's players that are refereeing matches -- not certified referees. And then there's the issue of rules changing and players not staying current. So, rules have changed, but players are unaware of them.

I know that a local squash pro tries similar tactics -- not leaving the court per se, but excessive arguing with the ref to catch his breath and so on.

In both circumstances it appears that Rule 17 should be applied. Too bad for the up-and-coming player, who should have known the rules himself and appealed to the ref to enforce the "change of equipment" rule.

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