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2 Person Drills

Published: 15 May 2006 - 08:49 by rippa rit

Updated: 04 Jun 2006 - 19:52

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Foilowing some discussions about the strokes, here is a link to a Chapter, 2 Person Drills, or Pair Routines, which is part of the Drills/Routines from the Library.
If you can find a training partner who will persevere, a good session will be far more beneficial than playing to "beat the pants" off someone.

If you have not already experienced these routines, let us know how you go.squash game squash extras How to add images to Members' Forum posts and replies here...


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From rippa rit - 04 Jun 2006 - 19:52

David strangely enough, I actually played Pipa Sales when she came to Brisbane,  years ago.
Drills as you mention improve concentration, and discipline as well.
Purposeful drills, with a process that shows an outcome is also good (tactical type situations).
The trouble is, when the accuracy is not there, after five minutes players abandon the routines as it shows up lack of control, and flaws in their game, and then frustration sets in.
Not that that is a good enough reason to give in, but that is what often happens as it requires application and patience.

Be patient!

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From dmennie - 04 Jun 2006 - 18:42

Hi Rita/Ray,

 Drills can be divided into 2 distinct catagories. Open and Closed (oh no not those words again)

Closed drills- each player has one set shot to play; outcome or shot selection never in doubt can be used to train basic movement stroke skills ie boast/drive; drive/drive/boast; boast drop drive etc. To make these more interesting can be played as points and scored.

Semi Open Drills/Shot selection drills- players given 2 or more optional shots to play; This builds anticpation and a break of set patterns of play that can make players predictable.

Open drills- One player can play normally the other given set shots to play- ie All Drive; All boast; Length; etc.

Open feeder drills- The feeder is free to play to certain areas of the court; eg Long Meduim Short; Boast/Drop. These drill helps fitness movement ; anticpation; capability to play under physical pressure. The feeder can apply more or less pressure to the player dependent on their ability.

Pipa Sales book of drills is also an excellent resource to keep in your squash bag

All the best

David M

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