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Back swing

Published: 07 Jun 2006 - 15:38 by missing_record10

Updated: 24 Sep 2008 - 12:48

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Help Help, I just can not get the back swing right...any recomendations on how to ge it correctly, also, what is meant when they say " keep the reacquet face open"??

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From rippa rit - 07 Jun 2006 - 15:55   -   Updated: 07 Jun 2006 - 16:15

naderys - I will have a crack at explaining the Forehand for starters to see how it goes.  Here goes:
  • Grip - pic 1
  • Forehand Backswing - pic 2
  • Forehand Downswing -  a diagram showing the racket face moving into the hitting zone , where the butt of the racket leads towards the ball (provided you have the correct grip this should then show an "open racket face").
As the downswing is commenced the butt of the racket is pulled towards the ball, and the forearm rotates resembling a side arm throw/skimming a stone action (pronation of the forearm).  Relax the arm and let the rotation happen from the elbow.
If you play cricket, imagine throwing a ball back to base, and how the power is generated by the throwing action.
Good luck...keep persevering

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