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deceptive service

Published: 17 Jun 2006 - 05:06 by ddraver

Updated: 24 Sep 2008 - 12:41

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(see what i did there!!!)

Now...when i was watchin some good people at my club, i notced that 1 (and only1) deliberatly concleaed what he was doing with his serve, he looked more like a table tennis player (before they changed the rules) than a squash player


When i serve i throw the ball high like a tennis player and hit it around head hight (m,y arm is about flat) Does anyone else know of people who serve like the player mentioned and how many people step into the box when they hit the ball, i tend not to


any thoughts


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From WCAUpward - 20 Jun 2006 - 21:42

I only play at a club level but I find if I thow the ball up like a tennis serve but instead of hitting it hard instead hit a high lob serve it seems to put my opponnents timing off.It gives me some free points or easy put aways.

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From raystrach - 17 Jun 2006 - 20:35

it has been said many times, that the serve is the only closed skill in squash ie you have total control over the shot. if you make this shot predictable, your opponent will, most likely, take advantage of it.

you need not necesarily be deceptive, but you do need to vary your serve to keep the opponent guessing or at least prevent hem from setting up too early to make their return. having said all that, it is possible to make your serve somewhat deceptive witout any trouble at all.

if you set yourself up correctly, when you toss the ball in the air and prepare to hit, you can either get under it for the high lob serve, nor come through harder and flatter for the power serve. this prevents the opponent from guessing too early what the serve will be. don't let them get into any rythym on return of serve.

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From rippa rit - 17 Jun 2006 - 20:34

Here is the link to the Library/Strokes &Movement/Serve
One of the important things in tactics is "vary the serve" and this includes the pace, angle, height etc.
Do not vary the stance or the ball toss no matter what serve, if possible.  Why?
  • If you want to catch the player off guard keep the swing similar so as to disguise what you are going to do.
  • The high ball toss is ok provided you can hit a lob serve as well as a power/hard serve from the same ball toss, feet positioning, racket face preparation, etc.
And, as for those who do not watch the server carefully when serving, hitting a really controlled well positioned return will be difficult.

Does that make sense now?

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From ddraver - 17 Jun 2006 - 09:09

exactly what i thought too.....anyone else had experience of this?


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From missing_record1 - 17 Jun 2006 - 05:44

There is no point to trying to conceal the serve. The receiver knows it is going into the service box so how can deception help?

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