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Tennis elbow?

Published: 25 Jul 2006 - 01:40 by reraw

Updated: 24 Sep 2008 - 12:40

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I have been playing squash for about a year now and still love it!! But regularly get a dull annoying ache in my right elbow (tennis elbow i presume) after matches.  do try to put a lot of power into my shots which, judging by the speed of the ball doesn't seem to transfer to it successfully. Am i doomed or is it just a symptom of poor technique. 

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From rippa rit - 25 Jul 2006 - 07:51   -   Updated: 25 Jul 2006 - 07:55

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A wrist like this can cause elbow problems

reraw - just as well you mentioned this early in your squash career so you can have the chance to do something about it before your elbow really gets chronic.
Remember the simple saying I got from a Sports Medicine talk "repeated trauma causes osteoarthritis".  So take the soreness seriously.
Icing (wrap the ice  in a wet cloth) after you play might help any tissue damage or swelling in the joint.  A Sports Physio usually gives stretches and exercises to assist your forearm muscles/tendons.  
I have just looked at the Forum Archives and there is an article which can have significance to elbow pain as well.  
About the technique - yes that is very relevant.  Look at a few things, eg
  • the grip and swing
  • the dropping of the wrist during the swing, especially if you are trying to belt the ball with the wrist "broken" putting more strain on the tendons and muscles.
  • flicking the balls out of the corners instead of stroking them.
  • even change rackets as any jarring or shock transferred can hurt the arm.
  • have the racket strung too tightly maybe.
  • how big is the "sweet spot"on the racket? 
Here is a helpful sports injury link. Keep trying to find a reason for this pain and let us know how it goes.

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