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Squash Elbow? Aha!!

Published: 02 Aug 2006 - 20:46 by reraw

Updated: 24 Sep 2008 - 15:15

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I recently posted a paragraph on the problem that i had been suffering from an aching in the elbow after a squash match, the dreeded tennis elbow!! Being a scientist i set up a few experiments to try and discover the root of the problem. I have now discovered beyound doubt that the problem lies with my backhand stroke, particularly the areas involving the wrist and forearm. something i'm doing there, over the course of a squash match, is straining the elbow alot and causeing the pain and tenderness.

is any info available on "the ideal backhand swing" so that i may try and tweek my own back hand swing and eliminate this problem?

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From rippa rit - 07 Aug 2006 - 07:07   -   Updated: 07 Aug 2006 - 07:11

reraw - with the backhand - refreshing the points:
  • Grip (shake hands with the racket, spread fingers around the grip)
  • Flex to drop  the shoulder to get some body rotation while swinging.
  • Lay the racket head down so the knuckles face towards the roof (backswing)
  • Keep the arm comfortably away from the body (don't sit it on your hip!)
  • Swing as though throwing a frisbee, keep the wrist firm.
  • Wide base of support so legs are well balanced.
  • Approach the ball to the side (parallel to the side wall)
  • Keep at least a racket length from the ball when in the striking position.
  • The follow through of the swing will end up around the shoulder (about inthe "ready" position for the next shot).
Get in front of the mirror so you can see what you are doing might help. Wow, as tthe school kid said to me "too many rules"

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From markinjapan - 06 Aug 2006 - 18:58

haha good thing you're a scientist, figuring out a swing can be difficult..........
Now you can use that work ethic ,that saw you through all those years of school, to build a solid stroke.
All kidding aside, i found watching some of the instructional dvds that are on the market (chris walker, JP exposed) to be helpful. I still watch them now and then just to keep it fresh in my mind.

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From rippa rit - 03 Aug 2006 - 13:38

Tennis Elbow article from the Forum Archives.  I won't be too hard on you but your article is in the Archives, with my reply, so..?   To access all archives just go to the Members Forum tab above, and 3 menus will appear, click the Forum Archives tab, and a whole heap of previous archives are listed....and bingo you can browse.

Presuming you have gone to the Squash Library (tab above), Strokes/Movement, and looked at the various strokes, etc. and cannot make any improvement in your technique, the next thing is to upload a photo, and put it with your post, so we can have a look at your grip, and swing, and body position when striking the ball.  This will give me a much better idea of how it all looks, and then I can make some suggestions to, hopefully, correct the strain that is being placed on the forearm.

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So, big applause, bravo bravissimo for you, my two teachers :-)

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