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Elbow Problem

Published: 01 Feb 2012 - 23:59 by John

Updated: 05 Feb 2012 - 21:15

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Ok first of all hello! :)


I am reasonably new to the game of squash benn playing for a year or so now, i am improving and starting to climb our local squash league/ladder!


More recently i have a sore elbow, but from what i have read about it doesn't have any of the tennis elbow symptoms, it only hurts when i push myself up from a sitting position and when i fully straighten it out or stretch it out the joint of my elbow grinds or makes a crunching noise, not the prettiest sound!


I am going to go to the doctor i just want to know if anyone has any info on this before i go, it gets slightly more uncomfortable a day or 2 after i play squash, as i said i am only just starting to climb the leagues now i don't want to have to take a break from it for now!


Cheers guys



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From John - 05 Feb 2012 - 21:15

Thanks for your reply's!


I have been doing a fair bit of decorating at the moment which could well be the reason, i have made my grip on my racket bigger so i don't have to grip as tightly now.

I will be paying a visit to the doctor next week i think to get it checked out, i went to see a sports doctor when i tore my ankle ligaments so i think i will be giving hi,m a call!

The elbow is so much sore right now, it feels more sort of weak as the day goes on and can't put much pressure on it by the end of the day, a mild case of RSI might be the problem!

Thanks again for your reply and i will let you know how i get on!

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From rippa rit - 05 Feb 2012 - 08:36   -   Updated: 05 Feb 2012 - 08:39

I would be going to see a Physiotherapist who is experienced in dealing with elite athletes, eg tennis players.  The usual things come to mind which might help, ie check out your squash grip and swing, stretching the tendons before and after playing, using ice after playing to reduce swelling, and heat packs to help bring more blood to the elbow joint and improve the circulation. Is there some other activity you have been doing that might have aggravated the elbow, eg hammering, painting? Repetitive movements can cause RSI at work and at sport.

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From sloejp - 04 Feb 2012 - 16:21   -   Updated: 04 Feb 2012 - 16:24

could be a problem with your swing technique.

some people also have problems with vibrations that the racket gives off when you hit the ball.

check both and see.

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