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Published: 20 Oct 2006 - 16:09 by fatness

Updated: 24 Sep 2008 - 14:57

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Hello There,

I have been playing squash for a number of years now. Lately i have been putting a big effort in to improve, ie playing games, getting coaching, court training etc. At first i improved really rapidly but have now hit a big rut. I am a strong "B" player but a very weak "A" player.                                                                                                                                     

I have been told that i hit the ball very well ie good and tight. the problem is that i just dont win matches. I find that when playing "A" players, I am rushing around a lot. They seem to really push me back with really deep straight and crosscourt shots, then drag me all the way up with a boast. I seem to be rushing and under pressure all the time. I never seem to " get over the ball" when playing the A players cos i am constantly at a stretch. I usually tire after a while of this and then fade away  to lose the game. very frustrating! The funny thing is I am actually fitter and do more training than the A lads.

Some people say that i hang back a bit behind the tee, especially after about 10 shots into a rally. I try to make a conscious effort to " push up" though. I feel as though i am on a plateau at the moment. I know it shouldnt take much to move up the rankings a bit, but i cant seem to find what it takes. everything is in place ie fitness, technique etc. I seem to lose concentration in close games too, which doesnt help.

Can you help please?!!!!

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From rippa rit - 22 Oct 2006 - 07:38

fatness - might be a good idea to go to tactics and read the menus and submenus.
Yes, it is not uncommon to feel you are playing well, but get beaten. 
It is probably time to look at the opponent's game as opposed to your game.
If the opponent's are not fit and are winning, they are playing smart, and making the opponent do most of the running - they are using the strokes to full advantage.

After looking through the tactics let's know what you have discovered about your game?

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From nickhitter - 21 Oct 2006 - 04:56

It sounds to me like you're losing on racket skills. Try focusing on doing solo drills more to develop your shots. Look in the archives as there is a thread already here with a lot of detailed help with this.

Also, you say you are fitter than some of the 'A' players, but they might be fitter than you think and have developed better (more economic) movement skills specific to squash. In my experience, Squash is won by the guy who moves better, for longer. simple as that. The guy who gets there that bit faster and therefore has the time to get 'over the ball' and hit the better shot. I think most people here could hit super tight length/good attacking shots if they are balanced, ready and have time on the shot, this breaks down only when you are stretched by either a poor previous shot, or lack of correct movement (there are other factors of course, but I'm simplifying here...)

just my two cents....

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