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Keeping the spiral moving upwards

Published: 26 Jun 2008 - 08:00 by rippa rit

Updated: 26 Jun 2008 - 08:00

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Rippa Rita`s championship squash tip

We have talked a lot about how to play different strokes, how to solo practice, how to evaluate your performance, etc. and this time I want to talk about how to build up all the efforts based around one stroke, or aspect of your game.  What? I want to help you form little triggers to set off a train of thought.

Say the evaluation triggers are something like, eg

  • slow down
  •  play more drops
  •  hit with more accuracy
  •  feeling out of breath
  • overhitting the ball
  • rushing
  • change the pace

That would indicate a few more tight lobs would help the performance.  To get a spiral going upwards (without moving around the place doing isolated practice each day, one of this and two of that) make all the practice sessions revolve around that topic (relating to the above triggers).  So for different sessions:

  •  tactical practice session - be sure to get to the T after each shot in a rally.
  • technical practice session - use the lob to give more time to recover if out of position.
  • solo session - drive down the forehand wall to length, changing the pace (getting the ball to land in the back corner, no matter how hard or soft the shot). Then change sides.
  • restricted games - in reply to a drop is a lob (get the lob high overhead to die in the back).
  • pairs routines - drive/boast/lob down the wall; rally down the wall around each other; one partner attack/one defend.

Why do I choose this method of doing things?

  • re-enforces the same shot and gives the training more purpose
  • builds up a thought process
  • give automatic answers to problem during play
  • add heaps of variety to training
  • helps concentration
  • gives a lot of repetition to the shot in question, in this instance, the lob.
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