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How many people play squash?

Published: 09 Feb 2007 - 07:53 by rippa rit

Updated: 19 Dec 2008 - 14:37

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Just reading the minutes of the PSCAA Conference where some stats had been revealed.
WSF record 142 countries play squash - 20 million people.
Competition is played by a half of 1 percent - 20,000.
Therefore 95% slip through the net. That explains why  the sport is virtually broke and cannot afford to recruit at grass roots, and afford Development Officers in schools throughout the world.  Simple - it is all about doing your sums.

Another interesting story was by Max when speaking about ethics, etiquette and behaviour he related watching two gentleman play (7 years they had hit once a week for exercise) and they played tennis rules, served from the same box, never understood about lets and strokes, had tons of fun, good exercise, and shook hands when the buzzer sounded.

The question comes to mind, should we be concentrating on ethics, etiquette and behaviour rather than putting referees through the third degree.
Actually thinking of true professionals they do display ethics, and etiquette towards their opponent's, sponsors, etc.

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From gwl - 13 Feb 2007 - 01:51

One of the main reasons I was attracted to squash was for the cardio exercise.

I used to play a 65-70 yr old when I was in my early 20's. He was very good, I wasn't (although I thought I was at the time). Tthe point I took from my hits with him was that at his age, he was still very able and capable of beating me. Granted my game back then was probably high C, low B grade but I still made it hard for him. I loved that fact he could beat me even though I was younger, stronger and fitter. But I was still able to make him run and run and run. I really was seriously concerned that I could give him a heart attack, but he was fine. There are other fellows in my club that have had heart surgery or other health issues and they play quite competitively. I've also seen a fellow in another club who has had his legs amputated above the knees and still plays strong squash against full abled that was simply another awesome example of life inspiring stuff!

I asked the question previously why do people like to play squash. As well you know and pointed out in your own response was that the answer differed for what ever stage you were at in your own game.

What sustains my interest in squash is the fact it's a sport you can be competitive in no matter what age you are. I had the pleasure of playing against another 65-70 yr old (or was he older?) in a tournament not so long ago and he proved to me again of the longevity to life squash (as a sport) offers to individuals who sustained a regular program. I asked him about it after our match and he confirmed his own passion for the sport because it not only sparks his thinking processes but his fitness as well. Certainly he pointed out that he still knows how he wants his body to move when playing a shot but with age he has to adapt since he can't react as quick as he wants to.

Rita, I apologise for my long winded response, I just wanted to point out again how this question of yours has a similar response to asking what do people want from squash? In my early days, I loved the fitness squash offers; in my current competitive stage, I love the tactics of the game; I hope in my retirement age I will love squash for the life it has so far offered my friends I played when they were in this age.

All of the examples I have offered above can certainly be responded to by pointing out other sports and events to offer the same kind of experiences, but I used them to show that squash should not be excluded.

Should we concentrate on ethics, etiquette and behaviour? I still believe the greatest influence comes from parents (for jnrs) and other club members for this.

Time for sleep as I have gone off on a tangent from your original question in the subject line. g'night.


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